Mews: Cat versus Dog people! *Video*

Hi everyone,

We found this video on YouTube the other day and thought you may like it! 😉

Hope this video gave you a good laugh! 🙂 Our favourite part was the pen behind the Mac HAHA – w

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34 thoughts on “Mews: Cat versus Dog people! *Video*

  1. lawjic says:

    You are now going to start another HUGE fight. Watch and see. Been there; done that; bad outcome every time. And now we’ll have everyone coming to post about DOGS in Cat Lover Group.

  2. elizabetcetera says:

    I completely meet the criteria for a CAT person!

    One thing they forgot to mention is that DOG people have higher levels of Vitamin D — the sunshine vitamin! (‘cuz they go outside to scoop up poop!) I don’t mind digging in my cats sand box — I use the clumping litter, it doesn’t smell and I’m always impressed by the HUGE pee clumps — this way, I KNOW my babies (cats) are getting plenty of hydration.

    Cat momma to the bone! =^..^=
    … now I gotta go look for that tape roller things to get the hair off my clothes …

    • Marc-André says:

      LOL. We have a tape roller too! Somehow cat hair still prevails tho and people in meetings usually go so you have a cat? Lucky if they are cat people not so lucky if not!! Lol

  3. sledpress says:

    My stepmother (who is only 6 months younger than I am and no that is not why my dad is dead) keeps 4 cats AND 4 snakes. Who is hearing it for the snakes? She answers the door to solicitors with snakes looped around her neck and she never has to listen to people trying to bring her to Jesus!

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