Guest Star: The cool cats of Carleton Place

Me and my mom

                       Let me introduce you to the cool cats of Carleton Place

I am Lola, (pictured here with my mom) the  black cat born on Halloween. I am the eldest, and I must tell you up front, that I am running the show, here in Carleton Place. I am fifteen and my mom rescued me  when I was about 6 months old from a terrible terrible ” home”. When I came in, there were already 2 cats living in my mom’s house, a white cat, Plume,  who also had been rescued  years before from a very bad place and Tabby Mitty, who had been adopted from a farm when he was a wee kitten. Tabby Mitty got very sick, shortly after my arrival and the vet could not make him well again, and he never came back home. My mom and Dad were very sad. Plume lived with me for several years. She was very quiet and shy. We never got in each other’s way. So here we were, an all white cat and and all black cat.

When I was about 4 years old, my mom came home with a little 8 week old kitten, from the big city of Toronto. My mom said that they had met the little cat, all by herself on a downtown street, very late at night. She was named Phoebe (after the street where she was found). My mom drove back home with little Phoebe hiding, all the way under the passenger seat. Toronto, I am told is a big big city about 4 hours away. I have never been there and I much prefer to stay home. I just hate it in the car, when we have to go to the vet… ( even though she just lives nearby.)

Phoebe, is black and white just like a little penguin and for me  it was love at first sight. I have never had any kittens of my own so I adopted that sweet little girl, who was nervous and overwhelmed by her new surroundings.  Phoebe is the Grade A +++Super Purring Cat. I know that she likes to snuggle up in bed with our mom, purring her to sleep. It makes our mom super happy. As for me, I like to cuddle up with my papa. I am really really daddy’s girl.

8 years ago, Leo,( pic at the very top) a timid tabby came in from the cold, one winter evening. It was -25C . I can’t begin to imagine how cold he must have been…plus there is nothing to eat out there but snow… …Leo was very very scared and our mom gave him his very own room with lots of food and he was nice and cosy, and very very scared. I had never seen a cat so terrified. We will never know what Leo went through, if he ever had a home and got lost, or if he had always been homeless.   I know that there are some very bad people who hate cats, because I hear my mom and dad talk about it. You know,  something should  to be done with these meanies.. We, felines would never hurt any human. We just want to love and be loved.

Back to Leo: Our Vet said that he was about 1 year old, when we got him. He gradually settled in , got to know us,  girls, and everything turned out well. Leo is a fine looking brown tabby, a bit on the skinny side,  who is very very quiet, stresses very easily and looooves treats. In fact, he lives for the Happy Hour, when we all get our treats before bed.

One winter, about 3 years ago, another cat showed up in our garden. My mom looked after him as well.  He is quite a handsome beast, I have to admit,  and our mom decided to call him Errol Flynn, as he is sooooooo cooool.  There was no period of adjustment for that cat… He just made himself at home right away.. .and he sure is a talker, especially at night, when I am trying to sleep…  We are guessing that he is about 3 years old. He is a big Cat , now weighing around 8 kg.

You would think that it would be the end of the Cat rescue story, right? Mais, non…


Merlin ( Check out those paws!!!!)

Almost two years ago, I remember it was springtime, our mom found a  little grey tabby with double double toes, hanging around our garden. He was very skittish but very hungry. So he came to the back door for a meal every day and would stay overnight in our special cat house on our patio. So cat number 5 became Merlin… It took a long time but he finally got the courage to come in to eat, but would leave again after his meal. Our mom says that she did not know where her patience came from as she claims that she never had any… One day he let her pet him, and finally decided to stay.  Again, God knows what he suffered out there….but



now he is safe and warm, and follows our mom around the house, just like a little puppy. He is also is learning to play just like a kitty cat should. He is very very sweet and never complains. I have not yet heard him meow but I do hear a little squeak now and then, Errol Flynn is being a bit of bully.


Errol Flynn


Leo at the window!

We are five very lucky and very happy cats.


I so wish that there were no homeless cats anywhere…  and just wonderful cat lovers like you everywhere…

Yours truly,

Lola, the Prima Donna

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23 thoughts on “Guest Star: The cool cats of Carleton Place

  1. lawjic says:

    By the way, extra toes is a very common condition; it causes NO pain. The term is polydactal. Its a blessing, not a curse. Most of my cats have been polydactal. Ask the vet who will confirm how common it is and does not cause a cat any issues at all.

  2. Debi says:

    Our five cats were all homeless or rescues, also. Nice story, oh! Long ago we had a pitch black cat come on Halloween night with some trick or treaters, waltz right in and take up residence on the couch. Then she surprised us with 3 kittens on Friday the 13th! Many years later, on another Halloween night at a different location, I once again opened the door to give children some candy and a pitch black male cat came up the steps and begged for food when the kids were departing. “Black Sabbath” stayed with us…

  3. dancingpalmtrees says:

    Perfect Caturday Kitty Story! When I move and get more space I plan to adopt another kitty cat. This story is so inspiring and filled with Love, Compassion and kindness. Sylvester and Weezer send you fishy breath Meows and Blessings!

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