Guest Star: Friendly and her toys

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Connie and her beautiful black cat Friendly! You may have seen her in her previous post here. Today she will show off some more of her antics and toys. 😀

Hi, my name is Friendly. I’m a little girl kitty who likes to play and have fun. My humans buy me colorful toys, feathers, jingle balls, and mousies.

Friendly and Feather Toy

Friendly's new toy

But, my favorites are the box and the string! I could chase that string for hours!

Friendly in box with string

I also love to play games with my mom, my favorites being chase, ambush, and hide and seek.  I’m so good at hiding, that she can never find me!

Where's Friendly

One of my favorite pastimes is looking out the window for birdies and lizards.

Friendly Looking at Lizzard
I love the outdoors. I went river rafting with some friends of mine. And I rode around the city with my friend, Buddy, in his shiny new car.

Friendly on raft ride

After all that activity, I take my napping very seriously.

Friendly asleep

I want to make the world a more kind, caring, and compassionate place for us all.

Thanks for reading my story,

Friendly – please visit me on Facebook by clicking here.

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30 thoughts on “Guest Star: Friendly and her toys

  1. friendthecat says:

    I have found my feline soulmate! Hi Friendly, my name is Friend and I am a Grey Tiger cat. You have a beautiful soul (and your black coat is lovely also). I enjoyed reading about your adventures. You are a brave girl to go rafting on a river, I admire your bravery. =^-^= Thank you Friendly and Katzenworld for the post. 🙂

  2. lawjic says:

    Friendly is HIGHLY skilled in technology! My favorite photo is the first. Cats LOVE to sit in some FRESH green grass and eat it. I am all for that, as long as I know no one is spraying cancer-causing pesticides on the cat’s grass! Just a lovely post. Thanks for sharing it!

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