Guest Post: Free Fun for Cats

I am sure everyone has gotten their cat a great gift only to be disappointed when kitty chooses the box or wrappings to play with instead. Despite cats’ reputations for being picky, they really do appreciate the simple things. There are a lot of toys and activities you can get for your cat for free.


One of the simplest toys that will provide hours of fun is a straw. Another is a crumpled paper-even better add a little catnip to the paper. Milk caps seem to be a hit too, like little hockey pucks. Another free toy that allows cats to hunt for their food is  water bottle. Just dry it o, cut a few holes in it and add treats.


If you look on youtube, there are several videos made just to amuse your kitty. There are aquariums, birds and many others. Here is a link: . Speaking of birds, you can make your own bird tv just by tossing some seed or bread out to the birds and squirrels.

For those of you with tablets, there are a lot of free games just for cats. Make sure you have a screen protector though because some cats may get a little rough. I have downloaded several and my cats really enjoyed chasing a mouse and some flies. Here is the link to Amazon’s free games for cats: .

Now go have some fun with your kitty. For more ideas please visit

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32 thoughts on “Guest Post: Free Fun for Cats

  1. Charles Huss says:

    My cat Chris used to love water bottle caps. It seemed whenever someone opened a water bottle and set the cap down, he was on it like cheese on a pizza.

  2. sounja says:

    Wonderful ideas. I have been interested in some interactive toys for my cats. I especially like the water bottle with treats. Genius!

  3. hugr5 says:

    I do that! I leave food for the birds on my windowsill. I lower the blind, to a few inches from the counter. The cats have enough room to crouch and peer. AND BOY DO THEY enjoy the view! The birds do not care about the cats, at all! However, if they see ME … so I stay away. I just laugh, inside, watching my cats watch the birds. Sometimes they, the cats, do the hunting cry. It is entertainment for them — AND ME. 🙂

  4. lawjic says:

    Wonderful guest post. I always enjoy hearing others’ ideas about entertaining our feline friends. Thanks for sharing!!

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