Oliver & Nubia: Petface toys – The “carrier bag!” ZOMG

Hi everyone,

In our third set of toys by Petface we are looking at this pawesome plastic bag! Now who would have imagined that cats love carrier bags so much that our regular supermarket bags can often pose a health hazard as they get chewed up etc.

This is where the Petface bag comes in handy! It is a super sturdy version that is safe and provides sufficient space to play in for Oliver.


Oliver: What is this? I wonder what I can do with this…


Oliver: Is there something inside?


Oliver: What! Why am I being filmed again. 😮


Oliver: Why do I feel watched now….

Nubia: Muahhaha


Nubia: I wonder when he will notice. 😮

Oliver: Hmmmm….


Oliver: It was you!!!!

Nubia: Of course… Now let me in. 😀

Oliver: Fine but let’s pass over to the hoomin for the review of this product.

Overall verdict:
Is your cat addicted to hiding in carrier bags and you worry for their safety? Look no further as this is the perfect safe replacement! Obviously you should still put this away when not around but it’s loads of fun for the cats to hide in and play with. 😀

If you’d like to get one for your own cats we have added these to our Katzenworld online shop range! The bage is available for worldwide delivery and priced at  £4.99 and as a Katzenworld reader you get an extra 10% off using katzenworld10 during checkout



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12 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Petface toys – The “carrier bag!” ZOMG

  1. sledpress says:

    Ah, I have seen this game played many times. “Bagbagbagbagbagbagbagbagbag!!!!!” Well I remember when all bags you got at the store were without handles to entangle a cat, even when there weren’t plastic carrier bags (which you really don’t want cats to get involved with). Now you have to make a special effort. Oli looks so long suffering in there with Nubia pestering him. 🙂

    • Marc-André says:

      Yeah! This is why I like this bag because it’s like a cat proof version of a supermarket bag haha. And yes Nubia kept pestering him to get in. It ended with her jumping on top of poor Oli XD. She may have thought it’s a sturdy box 🙂

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