Amy Pond – The Cat Who Waited

Photo2917-4Hello, me again. A while back I introduced you to my nephew Silvertje. Now it’s time to introduce you to my sister “Amy Pond- The Cat Who waited”. Does the name rings a bell? Yes, then you are definitely a Doctor Who fan. If not “Google is your friend”.  I know it’s not nice of me not to explain but I have to much to tell about this crazy lady cat.


Amy yawningOne of the lessons I learned for being a time cat, I learned through Amy.  The lesson is “Ignore the cracks in your wall, special when you are hearing a faint miauw behind it”.

Ignore it!

‘Curiosity killed the cat’ they say. For me it looked liked a long slow kill. Let me explain. After we rescued her from New Earth, she came and started to live with me. Mom adopted her as her own cat.  Amy was feeling at home straight away, let me rewrite that: “It was her home and no other cat was tolerated, not even me her saver”. It got really worse with her she kicked me out of my favorite sleeping spots. I couldn’t move a paw or Amy was there to put me back on my place.

Amy Pond The worst thing and most embarrassing thing happened one night when she kept me hostile in moms room. Now I will tell you something that I hope you won’t tell anyone else: “I had to pee, I warned mom that its was urgent but she did not understand, so I peed on moms bed”. Mom was instantly awake.

DSCN1107It was not funny and I had to teach her who was the boss in the house. She is learned slowly the rules and after 6 months training we can say that it’s starting to work out fine between us two. We play and fight for fun. I can sleep again on my favorite sleeping spot. I don’t have to pee anymore in moms bed.

She is still misbehaving but it are all small things like: “Biting in the most expensive cables, throwing stuff on the floor, running around like crazy, jumps in mom neck,…”


She is in love with one of my other travel companions named “Rupurrt”. Amy asked to write this otherwise it was a no go for this article.

She loves pole-dancing. The picture left is “I sit on my belly on my pole pose”. I didn’t find this name out, Amy came up with the name. Altough the first time she named it: “OMC, this pole is to high can someone rescue me?” I washed my paws in innocent and this time I ignored her, learned my lesson well.

She is also a travel companion and her rescue story can be found on my website and she is a Facebook celebrity.

Billy & Amy
Top Secret Dalek destroying device!

Last picture that is Amy and me or me and Amy playing on our grannies her tablet. I installed a top-secret game with mousses you can catch them but actually it are Daleks that we track in time and space. If we hit one we destroy one Dalek.

I hope you enjoyed this article and next time we cook something special for you my friends.


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38 thoughts on “Amy Pond – The Cat Who Waited

  1. lawjic says:

    Very beautiful kitty with a great story! Amy would likely be just a bit too much for me to handle, but that is one busy cat! Thanks for sharing such a great post!

    Marc, tell your cats, they have enough and Amy’s pole belongs to Amy. And, remind them they get NEW THINGS all the time! <3

    • billythetimecat says:

      Yes, she is bussy and bossy. We are happy you liked it.
      Don’t be afraid Amy is very protective, it’s her pole and none can touch or steal it, unless you want to bleed to death.

  2. hugr5 says:

    I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. I know Amy Pond and the reference to the crack in the wall and to have a cat named Amy Pond is SOOOO PERFECT!!!!

    In other words — EEEK!

    ( Live Long and Prosper)

    • billythetimecat says:

      Yes, mom sometimes doesn’t know who is who. we had some fun situations in the house, specially if none of us react then mom shouts “Amy or Billy whoever it is stop doing that”
      giggles 🙂

  3. Polly Tiller says:

    hi everyone, once a cat lover always a cat lover, i too have been smitten by my love for cats, I have one very pampered Tiddles in residence at my home. I have had her for ten years now. She is such a love. I got her from Cat Rescue when she was two. x

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