Mews: Wells Cathedral Follow-up on the life of Louis and the intruder!

Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember our post here about the local intruder at Well’s Cathedral that decided to take over part of the territory of the local resident.

Our regular readers Wendy was so kind to take her iPad to get us some photos as to how the kitties are getting on in their now shared enviroment.

Not just did she manage to meet Louis but she also managed to meet the intruder tabby. Please find below the report of her visit! 🙂

By Wendy from Spanish scribbles:

I stopped first in the cathedral shop and there, in a little office adjoining the shop was Louis!


I asked permission to take his picture and  the ladies in the shop seemed amused, although we suspect this happens a lot. Louis remained unmoved and dignified throughout.

I also spied a childrens’ book which has been written about him! He is getting very famous 🙂


I went on into the cathedral, which is absolutely stunning and well worth a visit by the way, I could not believe how beautifully warm it was in there until I spotted the many radiators lining the walls and in pole position right next to one was the tabby interloper himself! He also ignored me, even when I offered some ear and chin tickles…..


Below are some additional photos of the cathedral exterior and interior for those of you that are wondering if they should pay the CAThedral a visit. 🙂


The CAThedral

bisho's palace

The Moat


One of the stair cases

We would once again like to thank Wendy for taking these photos and would like to ask you all to pay her a visit on her own Blog here.



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50 thoughts on “Mews: Wells Cathedral Follow-up on the life of Louis and the intruder!

  1. A. B. Funkhauser, Author says:

    I have a visitor too. He started coming round about 8 months ago. He was so charming, I couldn’t resist. I have met his family and have learned that I am not the only lady on the street pays homage to. Homage? No. He’s bewitched me, taken over, and I love every visit. Sounds like a home invasion with a happy ending.

  2. coffeegrounded says:

    Cathedrals are such amazing and bewildering buildings to me. I’ve yet to step foot into one, and to find this post and the handsome kitties that call it home, well, that’s simply extra-special.

    Wendy’s blog is a treat. Self taught..amazing talent! I love her artwork.

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