Guest Star: They call me Shrimp (a.k.a. @Cheap_Trills)…

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from the wonderful and cute Shrimp from hairballexpress:

Shrimp 1

My human adopted me a few years ago after the kitty that had owned her before got kidney failure and had to be put to sleep.

They had had a very special bond and she felt like she had died too. She cried fur weeks! Nothing helped her and her furiends and family were worried about her and kept trying to get her to get another kat- but she wouldn’t.

Then one of her furiends told her that a furiend of theirs had found some abandoned kittens under a bush in a nearby playground and they wanted her to come see them. The nice lady that found them took ALL of them to her house, and kept them in her garage until she could find homes fur them. Then she took them to the vet and got them all checked and got their shots, and was going to keep them at her house until she found homes fur them. After 9 weeks though, she hadn’t been able to find homes fur any of them and since she already had her own pets (and CREATURES TOO!), she was about to take them all to the humane society!

Well, I was one of those kittens! I was 9 weeks old by now, and the nice lady had taken great care of me and my brothers and sisters, but she couldn’t any more. I was SO afraid of what would happen if they took us all to the humane society…

<Meanwhile, the human was still so depressed that the furiend who had been trying fur weeks to get her to get another kat made her an offer (that her husband didn’t let her refuse)-

The furiend asked her to PLEASE just go and SEE the kittens- assuring her that she didn’t have to take one home if she didn’t feel like she could. Well, the human has always loved kats and was tired of being katless and sad, so she and her husband (human # 1), went to see the kittens.

The human’s face lit up as soon as she walked into the garage and saw me and my little brothers and sisters- (they say that was her first real smile in weeks)- and one by one she picked us all up and held us- we all loved it- except fur my littlest sister with even longer fur than mine- she didn’t like being held by a stranger- my human said she loved us all – and she was REALLY HAPPY!
When she finally got around to picking up cute little ME, I wasn’t about to let her leave without me! I WAS IN LOVE with the nice lady with the long dangling earrings and her husband too! They were saying how gorgeous I was, and how tiny and fluffy I was and I could tell by the way they looked at me (and the lady with the earrings got tears in her eyes)- I knew if I could get them to take me home I’d be spoiled rotten and loved FUREVER! And, I wouldn’t get sent to the humane society place.
So, I did what any sensible kat in my position would do- I started batting at her earrings (and they started laughing)! And I purred my loudest and licked my (new) human’s face, and cuddled her back- and I started batting at her hair!

Shrimp 2

That was all it took! Right then and there human #2 said “We want THIS ONE!”  And my human (Mommy) held me tighter and said,

“Yes! I want this one!!!”

I was so happy-  and so were my new humans (and the nice lady who found us)…but my humans felt bad because they couldn’t also take my brothers and sisters. But somehow it all worked out great fur them too! After the humans left to take me home, the nice lady who rescued us from the playground decided to keep all my brothers and sisters herself!!

They took me to their house, and I loved my new home- and right away human #1 went to the store to buy food fur me- (FANCY FEAST) and treats, and I set about to explore my new kingdom!

I’ve been with them ever since, and now I totally rule the house (it took long enough to get these humans trained)!

When I remember those days in that lonely playground, I shudder- there were so many scary noises- (and DOGS)- and no food! My brothers and sisters and I were too small to even know how to look fur food and it was so cold at night. I will never furget the nice lady that took her creatures to the playground that day and heard us crying under the bush- it’s because of her we’re all alive and well fed and happy- and because of her I met my humans!

Favorite things
Fancy Feast Morning Medleys!

My very favorite things to play with is ribbon, strings and lace- but I also love it when the human makes the bed and covers me up with the sheets and pretends she can’t find me! And I love hunting flying anythings- and I love belly rubs and crinkly things and balls!

I do love to go outside – but ONLY when my human is out with me- all that time abandoned in the playground has left me a little insecure- I won’t go outside unless I can still see my human, and if she goes inside, I run in right away!

I love playing outside when it’s raining, but the purroblem is getting the human to come out with me….*(pout)*

Things I don’t like

Going to the VET!

I like Creatures -(when they’re not trying to get their hot little paws on me or my toys)… but I DON’T like it when they want to grab me and put barrettes on my tail and band-aids on my fur, or polish my claws, or play with my food or chase me!

I DON’T like loud or sudden noises (I dart under the bed immediately)!

I don’t like strangers coming in my house!

I don’t like the creepy neighbor next door that always tries to peek in my windows and blocks my view of the delicious wildlife outside!

Well, that’s enough fur now about me- (it’s time fur my nap).

Please be on the lookout fur abandoned kitties where-ever you are. YOU could be the one to make all the difference in their lives!


Thanks for reading and please check out Shrimp’s blog by clicking here.

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25 thoughts on “Guest Star: They call me Shrimp (a.k.a. @Cheap_Trills)…

  1. purrfectkitties says:

    What a lovely story. We’re so happy Shrimp found such a wonderful forever home where she can play and rule the household and is spoiled with fancy feast. 🙂 And we’re so glad all turned out well for her brothers and sisters too. Shrimp is a very special KAT! So beautiful and SOOO funny! We <3 her so much! 😀 xx Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  2. fozziemum says:

    We love Shrimp..her sense of humour always cheers us up and she always has fun with the *creature no matter what she just said hahahaa 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. pilch92 says:

    What a cutie- I am so glad that you have a great home and bring joy to your family. Also glad your siblings all had a happy ending as well.

  4. weggieboy says:

    I had a similar experience where my ginger cat Louie died unexpectedly of lymphoma. I was devastated. He was only seven, and I thought I’d have him maybe even ten more years.

    When I went to the veterinarian clinic to pick up his ashes, one of the technicians said she wanted to show me something. Then she placed his little fuzzball on the counter, and it walked over to me!

    That was my first meeting with Andy the Persian kitty. He was too young then to leave his mother. It would be a month more before I could have him, if I wanted him, she said.

    Aww! It was love at first sight!

    Though I still miss the wonderful Louie, I now have Andy and his brother Dougy (they played well together and the woman who had them knew I was thinking about getting a companion kitty for Andy anyway), and they are ornery but much loved additions to my life!

    I got Dougy maybe two weeks after I picked up Andy, so I had two kittens to raise.

    • Marc-André says:

      I bet the two were a handful as kitten – in a good way :). Oli was 7 months when we got him and Nubes 8 so we missed the whole kitten catastrophy moments. Though 7 month olds still cause sufficient chaos!!!

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