UZOO: Play with REAL Cats Online to Promote Cat Adoption


Yes, that’s right, for all of you that don’t know – you can control toys online and watch real cats play with them via webcam. MEOW.

Welcome to the online pet shelter where you can help keep abandoned animals entertained. Thanks to welfare organisations, animal enthusiasts can log on and watch the cats play with toys that are wired to respond to your controls! Check out iPetcompanion here.

Whilst it is great for us cat enthusiasts to watch these felines respond to our electronic controls – we must not forget that these cats have been abandoned, and they still need a loving home.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Uzoo HERE for more cute videos.



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19 thoughts on “UZOO: Play with REAL Cats Online to Promote Cat Adoption

  1. dbp49 says:

    A truly remarkable idea, and I’m sure once people start engaging with the animals, the number of adoptions should see an increase. At least I would hope so.

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