Guest Star: Ollie and the gang!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Melany and her Siamese Ollie – Or should we say Ollie and his human Melany? 😉


Oliver lives with his brothers Charlie the seal point Siamese, Frank the Chestnut Oriental shorthair, Bunny the Lynx point Siamese and Little Grey, the 19 year old blind Maine Coon.


He loves to scratch anything glass. It is so funny.



All the cats get along very well here.  We have built a big catio for them all so they can go outside anytime without fear of being run over by cars or attacks from wild animals.   Ollie is surely the ruler of the household.





And lastly don’t forget to check out this video of when Ollie was just a few months old:

We hope you enjoyed their guest post and are looking forward to more posts from cats around the world here at Katzenworld!

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61 thoughts on “Guest Star: Ollie and the gang!

  1. Timothy Price says:

    So cute. We used to raise Siamese kitties year’s ago. We had one Siamese pair that produced two or three full litters of Bluepoint kittens and we ended up flooding the Bluepoint market.

  2. skat says:

    Gorgeous! My husband grew up with purebred Siamese. In fact, his 82 year old parents still have one (Diva). We adore cats! So glad you visited my blog. I will be following yours most definitely!

  3. mvaden1948 says:

    Our weekday morning TV show Good Morning America would love to have that video of the talking cat….if he is really saying hello’-)
    Such a cutie and such a beautiful grown up cat.
    All of them are lovely.

  4. Melany Klohoker says:

    The Ollie house thanks you SO much! I am sharing this on the Ollie facebook page 🙂 I love the way you put this together. XOXO Melany

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