Guest Star: Derick – The talker

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Maryanne and her beautiful cat Derick!


Back in 1996 a friend’s cat had kittens. I was thrilled to get one because I always loved the sweet Mama cat. The one I wanted originally was a white and orange one. My friend said, “You can’t have that one, my niece wants that one.” So I said, “Then I’ll take the gray one.” She said, “That’s a good choice, he does funny things.” Well, at age 18 he’s still doing funny things.

While cats are known to be stand-offish, Derick loves people. When we have company, he works the room, going around from person to person so everyone gets to pet him — whether they are cat lovers or not, Derick gives them no choice, especially with the ladies. When Derick goes to the vet, he always comes home smelling like a perfume factory because all the ladies who work there cuddle with him. And when people come over to visit, he runs to the door to greet them, like a dog. He also loves to be held in your arms like a baby.


Cats are known to have a vocabulary of 100 different sounds and I’m certain Derick has found all of them. He’s a “talker” and has different “mews” for each situation whether he wants food or to be cuddled. But the cutest is when we listen to music and he “mews” — on key — along with the singers.

Derick is so smart, you’d wonder if there was a little man trapped inside him. One day my father-in-law, Pop, was watching a baseball game and when the batter hit the ball, Derick’s paw reached toward the TV screen to “catch” the ball.

These are just a few stories that illustrate how Derick lights up our lives! When I first moved in with my husband, Dennis, I’ll never forget when he said to Derick, “I’m glad you’re here too.” Dennis was always a dog person until I came along with Derick and Billy Cat, who lived to be 19 (and has some precious stories too). Cats are more than just “pets” — they are family; little souls who steal your heart!

Derick and Sparky

Cheers from New Jersey!


We hope you enjoyed their guest post and are looking forward to more posts from cats around the world here at Katzenworld!



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21 thoughts on “Guest Star: Derick – The talker

  1. lawjic says:

    What an special, amazing and very beautiful cat! Love and enjoy him and his enormous vocabulary!! Very interesting kitty cat!

  2. Carol says:

    I love the picture of Derick and his mom where you caught him talking! My Loud Mom’s goal in life is to get pictures of my Little Mom mid-speech just like that picture of Derick. She thinks it’s VERY funny. Little Mom not so much! Derick sounds like a smart and sweet cat and you are lucky to have found one another!

  3. Kurt Struble says:

    wull … you must have loved my
    blog … about how cats talk (Tea With the Cat and Me) and it’s true .. (as you know) my
    cat and i have conversations all day
    long … she speaks so well … her tail moves with great
    eloquence … i always know exactly what she is
    saying even though i can’t put it into
    words … don’t have any more
    cat stories but i have one about
    a couple of cardinals … a passle of
    crows … one about snakes … i tried to make a
    pet out of every thing … i caught a raccoon
    once … by the tail .. climbing up a
    brick wall at the train depot where my grandfather worked as a
    telegrapher … we corralled him in the ladies ”powder room” … got him into a
    box … snarling … sharp teeth … i took him to school the next day … let him go so
    all could see … my mom raised 6 squirrels from the time they were
    the size of the end of your pinkey finger … we also had several
    pet white rats which make great pets … you can let them out of the cage for
    long periods of time … they love to crawl all over you … of course dogs …
    weimereiners …great hunting dogs … when i was a boy i made
    an imagiary pet out of a
    pussy willow … i thought
    pipe cleaners … made into stick figures
    moved in the night …. one day a couple of years ago i came
    across a big turtle … we had a nice conversation .. if you close your
    mind and speak softly you can hear animals whisper inside your
    mind … but its hard to understand a turtle …. snakes are real (pardon my language)
    fuckers … mean and they pee on you .. at least garter snakes do … used to catch 15 or 20 of them
    in a coffee can (from a special place over by the ”tub factory”) took them home … my
    mom never showed fear even though she wasn’t overly fond of
    snakes .,.. somehow by morning they always seemed to
    disappear … i think my dad played a role in that after i went to
    bed … we had sheep … that we used to ride … we pestered them … poor
    sheep but … i guess they got a lot of exercise running away when they
    saw us coming … that’s all for now … ks

  4. cat9984 says:

    Beautiful cat. Every time I wish I could understand what our cats are saying, my next thought is “probably not”. Derick sounds like a sweetie.

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