Billy The Time Cat Wishes you a healty 2015

DSCN0466-2Hello my friends, it’s been a while but I’m back.  First I want to wish you all a healty 2015.  Health is very important not only for humans but also for cats.  On my time travels I learned being in good health can be life saving. Being hunted down by all kind of crazy aliens and sneezing your whiskers out, I can tell you: “not a good idea”. It’s better to stay home then with mom, a blanket and some hot catnip tea.

Some illness cannot be cured, in my introduction I told you that I have diabetes, it something that rarely can be cured. In those 3 years I have diabetes I learned that I always need certain things with me. Fortunate my TARDIS is big enough so I can always take them with me.

Mom made me a checklist of what I need to take with me:

  • Insulin if I go on a field trip for more then one day
  • A sterile syringe with needle
  • A big machine that measures my glucose level
  • A sterile needle
  • Glucose test stripes to put in the machine
  • Catisfactions (In case of emergency)
Survival kit for diabetic cat
Survival kit for diabetic cat

Fortunate most of the time I’m home or I return home so mom can give me my insulin. She is doing that every 12 hours.  She is doing that through some rituals we  are performing  to keep my sugar levels under control.

The first ritual is “The Ritual of Insulin”. It goes this way: ” Mom give me my fresh meat. After I eat more then half of it she gives me my insulin in my neck or my side and 3 kisses, with the words “I love you , my sweetie”. That is the best ritual and most lovely ritual you can have.

The Second ritual is “The Ritual of Blood” this is not my favorite ritual and always happens four hours after the “The Ritual of Insulin” once in a week. My mom picks me up and puts a towel around me. She warms my little ears up and then she takes a very big needle and stick me in the ear. If I’m lucky my ear bleeds at once, if not a second attack with the needle is needed. She has that machine ready and she puts it on my ear and takes a drip of my precious blood. If my sugar level is good then I get 1000 kisses. If I’m to low on my sugar levels  then I get a bunch of satisfactions, I love when that happens. If I go to high then my mom is not happy with me. No catisfactions, less kisses and the day afterwards “The ritual of blood” will be done again. If my blood sugar is ok, then I’m done for a week but if not then I need more or less insulin, depends on the situation. Then ritual will repeat after 5 days.

Mom, What are you doing? Can I get a Catisfaction? Sugar is very low..
Mom, What are you doing?
Can I get a Catisfaction?
Sugar is very low..

The third ritual is “Bleeding Billy To Death Ritual”, when my sugar is going “Wibbly Wobbly” it’s time to check my sugar level for a few hours, that means every hour or sometimes half our mom perform “The ritual of Blood”, she start before my insulin shot and ends 6 hours after my insulin. That is a lot of needle sticking in my ears, yes she uses my both ears. Mom always tells me: “I’m so sorry my sweetie”. I know she is doing it because mom loves me but hey, I won’t make it easy on her.

You see a life with diabetes is not easy but after 3 years I handle it perfect unless I manage to open the box with treats or I’m upset with  the aliens invasion taking place. Now I have to leave you all because the  “The Ritual of Insulin”, is going to start and  I don’t want to miss my noms and the kisses of my mom. Will talk to you later my friends.

With sweet love and kisses,

Billy The Time Cat or visit me on Facebook

Pawnote from mom: We use the tinniest needle in the universe to get blood out of Billy’s ear. We don’t attack his ears, we do it soft and gently. Just remind you that this is how Billy see the things and as a time cat his fantasy has no limits.

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26 thoughts on “Billy The Time Cat Wishes you a healty 2015

  1. charlotte rixon says:

    Poor Billy, it must be difficult having all those rituals but I’m sure your mom takes great care of you. You might like to know that in the UK Catisfactions are called Dreamies.

    • billythetimecat says:

      Yes, my mom does. She loves me and I love her. We didn’t know that Catisfactions in the US are called Dreamies. Are they the same taste? Should do a travel to the UK to test them out 🙂

  2. pilch92 says:

    I am sorry you have to go through that, but you do have a great mom to help you through. Did you watch the Dr. Who Christmas special? We loved it.

    • billythetimecat says:

      Dr. Who Christmas special…eh, mom forgot it “TWICE”…. she has a big problem with time and planning. So no we didn’t see it but she promised that she would buy me the DVD <3

  3. mvaden1948 says:

    Billy, so glad you are such a good boy for your Mum. You know she only does it because she loves you and wants you to continue your adventures for many years.
    And your Catisfactions in the US are called Temptations…and Diavolo loves them! They are so good we have a TV commercial that shows a man accidentally eating them and saying how good they are….until he sees the cat picture on the bag. I hope no human tries to steal your treats….after all the same company makes Snickers Bars….a human treat.

    • billythetimecat says:

      Wow, In the Uk it’s Dreamies and in the US Temptations, so I should not only travel to the UK to check them out but also to the USA.
      Oh, that should be a funny commercial, now I have to watch my mom because she love Snickers ….

  4. Christy Paws says:

    Hi Billy. Love your time travel adventures. So sorry you have to deal with this diabetes thing but glad your mom does such a great job controlling it. Happy New Year to you and to the folks at Katzenworld.

  5. Lavinia Ross says:

    I feel for Billy and his mom. It’s hard for both. I gave subcutaneous fluids at home to my old Abyssinian Austin for about 2 1/2 years before he passed on, just shy of 20 years old.

    • billythetimecat says:

      Yes, my first sisfur had also CRF and she lived more then 5 years with it. The vet told my mom that it was the first cat she know with CRF that lived that long.
      Mom always tells us that a pet is for live in good and in bad days and that she will do everything to help us

  6. Marianna Burt says:

    Your mom must love you very much. I’ve had 3 diabetic cats over the years & she must be doing something right because none of them lasted quite as long as you already have. I think it must have something to do with the machine she uses –I was never offered that opportunity & just would take them in to the vet once each week for a series of blood draws throughout the day from which the vet would draw a curve of the various values & adjust the insulin if necessary.
    I have a feeling that what your mom does is more precise.

    • billythetimecat says:

      That is the problem when they measure the glucose level with the vet, it’s never accurate because cats always are stressed at the VET. When we cats get stressed our body create glucose/sugar so we have the energy to run away or to fight. When a VET controls at that point the blood then the glucose levels shows a wrong reading. The VET adjust the insulin and yo have to give more. What is complete wrong, when a cats get to low on sugar it doesn’t always show signs but to low in sugar is more dangerous for a cat then being a bit to high on sugar. That is why home testing in an trusted area is so important.

  7. Quinn, Carol and Catitude says:

    The kitty before Angel brandi was Sasha. She had diabetes, too. She did not do well with her diabetes at all, but they knew a lot less about the disease then in cats. You are truly lucky, Billy. Keep being good!
    Mommy is a diabetic, too. When the vet diagnosed Sasha (like 25 years ago) she explained she had to show Mommy how to give shots. Mommy laughed. The cat before Sasha, dear Suki, had cancer, and had to have saline injections, so Mommy had already learned all about shots (and Mommy gave herself shots 5 times a day back then–now it’s only 2). The vet watched her, and then said ‘You are good to go’. Bet Mommy was saying ‘told you so’ under her breath. But the doctor was just being thorough, she knew.
    Best of health in the new year!

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