Murals Wallpaper Competition Update

Hi everyone,

First of all Happy New Year to everyone!!!

We just wanted to post a quick update for our Murals Wallpapers competition!

We had OVER 40 amazing photos submitted for this competition and the organizer is now evaluating those submissions. As it has became extremely difficult for them to choose one winner by themselves they decided to choose final contestants and we will make these available for all of you to vote on in the New Year!

So stay tuned who will be the contestants in the public vote and more importantly WHO will be the final winner!

But to keep you going until when please find below a set of new photos that were submitted for this competition. 🙂


Photo Credit: Annette


Photo Credit: Ian


Photo Credit: Valerie


Photo credit: Tom

Good luck to everyone! We can’t wait to see even more amazing photos.



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17 thoughts on “Murals Wallpaper Competition Update

  1. coffeegrounded says:

    How can you decide? You must be Martians?. The task at hand is Herculean. “May the Force be with you.” Happy New Years to you, and to all who have entered…oh, and the rest of us, too. ?

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