Angel’s Eyes: Crazy Zany Ball

Can I just have your attention for a moment? I want to discuses this Zany Ball. First off.. What’s up with the name of this toy? Can’t I just call it a ball with a feather or Crazy Ball? Anyways getting to my point is,,,  What is the point of this toy? It’s flapping around while its rolling with a feather on the end of it. Am I suppose to catch the feather?

watching the zany ball

I’m sitting here watching this crazy ball flopping around and lights up but it doesn’t make any noise so I’m not sure what mom thinks I’m going to do with this toy.

touching the ball

Oh, wait a minute… This ball vibrate and feels funny but I kind of like it. Mmmm I’m might be wrong about this toy it is kind of fun and I just can’t stop watching it and I do want to get that feather maybe as bad as if it was a mouse.

zany ball is fun

Umm, Purr,, This Zany ball is really fun and I even might get off my lounger to play with it. I really admit I’m wrong about this, but don’t tell mom I like it because she will pull her video out to film this so lets keep this between you and I.

can't talk busy trying to catch zany ball

Well I can’t talk anymore because I have to go try and catch this crazy ball and figure out how to make it stop. But first I think I need a few more minutes with it. I’m just saying. Just to make sure I really like it and try to catch the feather  Purr Purr… So talk to you later…


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25 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Crazy Zany Ball

  1. angela1313 says:

    Wow, Angela is very discriminating, so maybe I should consider this toy for the gang. Thank you for the review.

  2. angela1313 says:

    Wow, Angel is very discriminating, so maybe I should consider this toy for the gang. Thank you for the review.

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