Nubia: Cat nap time and my purrfect dreams

And it is time for another purrfect nap on my scratch tree


*Purr* zZzzz…

20140616-143856-52736039.jpgDreams: *Must catch that bird so juicy!*

20140616-143855-52735147.jpgDream: *Yes I got the bird and I shall not share it with Oliver!*

20140616-143854-52734417.jpgWakes up: Noooooo! It was only a dream. 🙁

Signed by


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

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32 thoughts on “Nubia: Cat nap time and my purrfect dreams

  1. Four AM!!! Mine start demanding food around 1 AM, but I try to hold out till 2:30 or 3! You get to sleep in by comparison. LOL! (Of course, thanks to my cats, I usually sleep in front of the television instead of watching it and rotting my mind.)

  2. Nubia, please be careful; its really looks like you may FALL OFF the cat tree; you are too big for the tree; or rather, it is too small for you. One bunny dream, and you are going to go crashing to the floor! Most of you is hanging off the tree, but you sure are CUTE AND ADORABLE!! What do you say Marc? Does she ever fall off, or does she manage to stay nice and stable? From the photos, it appears that a dream could have her falling off the tree……So? Does Nubia manage to stay at the top of the tree or does she fall off on occasion? Please solve this mystery! Thanks!

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