Mews: Why Cats Rule

Hi everyone,

We found this super cute picture on the page of a fellow Blogger!

Why cats rule

The original can be found here.



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44 thoughts on “Mews: Why Cats Rule

      • Ritu says:

        Don’t I (and the scratch post/sofa!) know it!!?
        He will sit calmly, but hates having it done. In fact when he was teeny, I did one paw, put the clippers down, turned my back, and he sneakily carried the clippers away in his mouth! ( don’t ask how, at that time, they were half his size!) He got to the top of the steps then dropped em, and started pawing them down, one step at a time, until he realised I was watching! I’d love to know what he would have done if he had completed his mission?! ?

        • Marc-André says:

          Destroyed them more than likely XD. Our girl doesnt mind at all. Our boy on the other hand hates it. Unfoetunately his claws grow so long that they bend inwards and hurt his pads so the vet even said that we need to keep them trimmed back for his own good and not for us lol. Problem when cats are indoor only and dont use up their claws enough!

      • lawjic says:

        Yes, I wait until they are like NEEDLES. Then I take my life in my hands to clip those sharp claws. If I do not, she will not only tear me to shreds, she destroys clothes and carpets and anything she “hooks” herself to. She may be almost 19. but do not think she will not hiss or bite. I thought that until, she warned me and followed through.

        Now I let her scream (the veterinarian says it DOES not hurt the cat), and I BARELY cut of any of the nail (it hurts only if you cut down too far). My cat screams as if its painful. I am the one in pain as its a FIGHT the whole time and sometimes I have to do one paw at a time! When she was younger, it was almost impossible; I thought it would get easier. Maybe it has, but she sure SCREAMS like I am hurting her (when I know I am not).

    • lawjic says:

      I think I would rather if my geriatric cat BARKED. Instead she howls and I mean its insanely LOUD and goes on all the time. I have such a loudly howling cat, I am waiting for noise complaints or Child Protective Services to show up to find the abused infant who is SCREAM. This is how the loud howling sounds. I would PREFER barking, but not yapping. I do not appreciate YAPPING dogs.

  1. hairballexpress says:

    MOL! Hehehe – my human says one of her favorite things about me is that I don’t bark!! Some of my furiends say I should start just to drive the humans nuts- but they’re already nuttier than a snickers bar, so I don’t. Who’d feed me if they got carted away? MOL!!?

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