Austerity 2015

As the new year draws closer many of us are looking at ways to save money and enter 2015 with the blown christmas budget in mind. That doesn’t mean that our pets have to suffer however, here are my top tips for keeping cat costs to a minimum

Cat Milk

Cat milk can be one of the costliest treats out there – but as cats are lactose intolerant it is necessary to avoid cow milk. It’s not something I give my cats often, but when I do they love it, so I now buy a large carton of lactose free milk, and freeze individual food bags for my cats. You simply get out and after an hour or so pour into their bowls. It’s very simple and cost effective!

Pour into separate bags
Pour into separate bags




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14 thoughts on “Austerity 2015

  1. Kitty Kelly says:

    We use it as a treat every now and then. Kitty doesn’t mind it, but never drinks all that much. Maybe I could freeze it in ice cube trays next time, ready for a Summer treat…

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