Oliver & Nubia: Secret Paws – The parcel arrived!

Hi everyone!

So me and my sister were super excited when the postman came we other day! We took part in the secret paws 2014 event and wow were we amazed by the parcel!


Nubia: What is in it?!? I see white things and bird fishes – I think humans call them penguins?


Oliver: That’s Christmas wrapping paper Nubia… To make our presents pretty. 😀


Oliver: OMG! It’s a catnip banana!!!!! This is mine

Nubia: What about me???

Oliver: You can have it… later…

Nubia: Right once all your slobber is all over it… Thanks brother. 🙁


Oliver: Those crunches are MINE.

Nubia: Fine…. (He does have an evil glare atm… best to hide…)


Nubia: Feathers!!!! OMG MINE


Oliver: Nope I am going to lick those too! You can have the mices

Nubia: Mices??? REALLY? @__@” *DROOLS*


Oliver & Nubia: OMG! Such a feast!!!

Oliver & Nubia: Thank you very much to our Secret Paw for all the lovely presents (and box) from both of us. 😀

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

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58 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Secret Paws – The parcel arrived!

  1. ande123 says:

    You two really got some great stuff in the Secret Paws box. You are going to have some fun days and also some wonderful treats. Have a great day.

    • lawjic says:

      Well, personally, my favorite gift IS INDEED the catnip banana! It is so large, its almost the same size of the cats! And, when they wrap their paws around it, that is the MOST adorable sight. I wish they understood about sharing as there is clearly enough food, treats and TOYS too for BOTH cats!! Oliver and Nubia: Please don’t make your human feel bad or sad. He just wants you to SHARE. And, you are used to sharing the same toys….I promise you kitties: Marc will give you the VERY BEST CHRISTMAS; better than you could DREAM of. I do doubt, however, he is going to “release” a bunch of LIVE MICE for you to go and catch. You won’t even understand they are real anyway.

      Kitties: Enjoy all your wonderful gifts; share them; I promise you there is ENOUGH for both of you. You might want to start arguing about WHO gets the BOX (when its empty)!

      This is very cute, sweet and adorable. Those cats’ eyes cannot get any larger or brighter. And, Marc, doesn’t it make you feel GREAT every single time they get so HAPPY?? If Ms. Cali is happy with something for 5 minutes, then its a WIN!!!

      Merry Christmas, beloved kitties who OWN Marc. Please do not push Marc around too much; as cute as you are, he does have limited patience. But, I promise you, he will give you all the gifts and he has MORE FOR LATER!!!

      So, get all excited!!! Just wait until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

  2. The Canadian Cats says:

    What a haul…you too are getting spoilt…but you could always use more spoiling. Great fun. Try to share though and there is nothing wrong with spit on the banny, as I call it. We have one and spit adds to the catnip flavour….hehehe


  3. rosiepeter33 says:

    it’s wonderful how Sandy Paws knew exactly what they wanted. Merry Chirstmas to the cuties and the the fur baby parents. Happy New Year.

    By the way I get my cats 1 toy, treats and some cool wet food every year. Santa Paws was good to them too.

  4. syl65 says:

    Either I’m slowly turning into a cat or these two are becoming more human 😀 Congrats on the goodies and thanks for sharing the adventures 🙂

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