Mews: The christmas cats!

Hi everyone,

With only a few days left till Christmas we came across these very adorable cat photos on Pinterest!



No chance we would dare to dress Oli and Nubes we would be GROUNDED but have to say this sure is christmasy and cute. 🙂



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41 thoughts on “Mews: The christmas cats!

  1. foguth says:

    Happy Holidays to all you fur-baby lovers!

    (BTW, I had the impression that the santacat and elfcat pictured put on disguises to get the treats ;-))

  2. Tracy K Nixon says:

    Ahh those photos are fab! At least they are not trying to climb the tree or paw the baubles like ours! Our Snow cannot be left unsupervised in the living room where our tree is lol!

    • lawjic says:

      The photos to me are just sick and appear downright cruel. Dressing cats up like that against their will is clearly against the BEST welfare of the cats, who appear very unhappy and miserable to me. Owners: you should have these cats taken away from you. Go check yourselves into a mental hospital. Its not “CUTE” or “COOL”, when its ABUSE. Dressing cats up against their free will is the act of an unwell person; its mean; its abuse. I am super surprised people “LIKE” seeing this, and even more surprised that Marc posted it. Flag me all you want. I will always stand for the best welfare of all animals. I will be their voice on this mess. To me, these are very unhappy animals.

      • lawjic says:

        Marc, I was only speaking ONE opinion. I am the minority clearly. Thank you for not removing the post. I thought you might have to…and I would understand if you do. It is YOUR blog. And, I was not there; for all I know they ARE relaxed……I am willing to admit that much. You know I deeply respect you and the blog. Most people are LOVING this photo, which is their RIGHT.

  3. Kitty Kelly says:

    It seems these Christmas Cat photos are all over the internet every Christmas. One does wonder under what circumstances some of the photos were taken, however having said that, many are gorgeous.

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