Guest Star: Sasha Kitty

Hi everyone,

This saturday’s guest star of the day is Sasha written by his loving mommy Tina. Please find their story below:

I am a 2 year old Tortie female.

I was adopted on December 3,2012 mommy adopted me through a foster that was taking care of me she saw me at PetSmart in Charleston,WV. You see her kitty then at the time Angel was ill & had to be put to sleep.

I have 2 kitty brothers Midnight & Sylvester The Meezer
I am mischievous & very lovable one of my favorite things to do is get in & lay down in purses lol


When either my humans are in the kitchen I have a tendency to jump in the fridge Mol don’t worry I don’t get closed in.


I am a lucky kitty I know my human family loves me & my kitty brothers as well, yes I have my Tortitude but that’s my trademark



favorite food is temptations cat treats & Fancy Feast Classic wet food, I love toy mice, my Shrimpie & Yeeoowww catnip toys we have a banana an apple & a rainbow.




This was me at 3 months old when I was first adopted playing in my kitty tunnel ??


Here is a photo that another page did for me to raise money for KIN (Kitties In Need) a small donation & could create a fab photo here is me with my pink wig ??.

To those that follow my Facebook page thank you & new comers are always welcome love mew all by clicking here. ??

Sasha Kitty
Typist Mommy Tina

We hope you enjoyed their story and don’t forget to submit your own if you’d like to have a guest appearance!



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