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You may remember our previous post for Sheilah Jeffries book Solomon’s Tale (Can be found here.)


The books main character is a tiny little tabby kitten named Tallulah who Sheila based on a cat that she owned as a child.

Just like her previous book she writes the book out of the view of the main character who is a cat. Sheilah truly has this amazing ability to write her stories from the perspective of the animal making you feel like they really are the ones telling you the story.

While the book is heartwarming and will enthrall you in its story it is also to note that there are many sad moments too! Not everything in life is “happy ever after” and we find it amazing how realistic Sheila makes her stories yet ensures that the happy moments are there to safe the day! 🙂

Throughout the book you can tell that Sheilah has poured her emotions into the book and how much she cares for the animal companions in our lives.

Tallulah is the daughter of Solomon (the main character of her previous book) who gets snatched away from her dad and discard like rubbish… Despite her tough start to life she soon finds a new home and thus her life of healing and helping a family begins!

Over-all verdict?

This is yet another fantastic read by Sheilah! The book is filled with all you need from emotional passages that will make you cry to the happy moments that too will make you cry! The book is inspiring and truly shows us the magical bond between human and animal and the impact this has on our lifes. 5 stars from the team at Katzenworld! 😀

More info on the book from the publisher:

‘This is a special kitten. She has come to heal.’

Moments after she is born, tiny kitten Tallulah, with her bright eyes and silver and white fur edged with gold, is whisked away from her father Solomon and dumped in the hedge like rubbish.

After a tough start to life, neglected and abandoned, Tallulah eventually finds a new home with the Lee family and forms a special bond with their daughter Tammy. But Tammy has a terrible secret and Tallulah must do all in her power to keep the family safe.

Moving, uplifting and inspiring, Solomon’s Kitten is the story of a cat who heals a family, and explores the true gift an animal can bring to our lives. – See more at:

About the Author:

Sheila Jeffries has been writing since she was young, and has written twelve children’s novels. After studying at Bath Academy of Art, Sheilah spent many years teaching in UK schools. Solomon’s Tale breaks new ground in her writing career. It’s a book truly from the heart, and through it is fiction it is based on two real cats, Solomon and Jessica, who shared and enriched her life. Sheilah lives in Somerset where she enjoys teaching meditation and running workshops for writers.


If you would like to get the book yourself it is available from:

Amazon UK: From £3.32. (Kindle version) by clicking here.
Amazon US: From $5.20 (Kindle version) by clicking here.
Amazon DE: From EUR 7.99 (Kindle version) by clicking here.

For Sheila’s official site please click here.



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