Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday Latest photos + ongoing challenge! (Week 19)

Welcome back friends and followers

It is time for Week 19 of Tummy rub Tuesday! 😀 Another week full of cuddly tummies awaits you in this post 🙂

(To find out how to enter your own cats please scroll down to the bottom of the post or to make it easier for you leave a comment with a link to your photo!)

Please find the photos for everyone who entered this week here:


Meet Samson from Suburban Hero


And Quincy also from Suburban Hero! 🙂


And meet Tigger a famous cat! His book can be found here. And if the photo tells us something it sure is that “The life of an author is mega tiring” 😀


And this pawesome collage is from possumscatsthingsgnawingatme

Biscotti aka The Biscuit

And this is Biscotti aka the Biscuit! from spencesgirl.


And Biscotti’s litter mate Tipper! Whom you can visit here.

Cats at the bar

So if you are following Cats at the Bar already can you guess the name of this weeks submission? 😉


And the fearless conqueror is visiting Sim Antics once again! 😀


And here is another great shot of Fred – While not exposing his belly he sure was too cute to not be included! Thanks Nathan for sending him in via linked in. 🙂


And this super cute photo has been submitted to us via the realms of Twitter and the original can be found here.

And in case you missed last weeks post click here to see the full list from last week!

Now we need ALL of you! You want to see your cat featured and join our fun blog roll? Follow the steps below. 😀

All you need to do is post a photo or photo story of your furfriend on your own Blog and add your link onto our linky app by clicking here or by leaving a comment with a link back to your post.

Should you not have an own Blog you can even participate by sending us an email with your photo to info@katzenworld.co.uk – just let us know what you would like to have listed as source! 🙂

And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better 😀

And on next weeks #TRT we will be posting photos with links back to all you guys in the weekly Tummy Rub Tuesday post!!!

A big thank you to all participants from all of us here at Katzenworld

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17 thoughts on “Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday Latest photos + ongoing challenge! (Week 19)

  1. lawjic says:

    Its always IMPOSSIBLE to choose one kitty tummy over another, but Ms. Cali had a TIGGER too (as her male sibling) and he looked a lot like this “TIGGER”, so I love Tigger’s tummy. I also LOVE the adorable smaller tabby cat (orange/white)—I think you said his name is FRED? Well, its a smaller orange and white micro-beast with stripes, and I DO think he is upside down and showing his tummy too! So if that is the right cat and he is “Fred”, they would be my two favorites for the week.

    Rest Assured: And I say this each week—that EVERY kitty who exposes his or her tummy is giving a public hug and saying “I LOVE YOU” and I think that is just too cool for words. RIGHT??

    They do it privately to please their humans, but they do not ever realize the “whole world” gets lucky enough to view their TUMMIES too!! If they knew, we would NOT be seeing all the tummies. Humans: you are getting very sneaky!

    In sum, thanks Marc. Its another HIT “TRT TUESDAY”!

    I love them all, but this week. I place a small emphasis on Tigger and Fred, the orange and white tabby cats (in memory of my Tigger)!!

    Loving them ALL!! Thanks for sharing!!


    • Marc-André says:

      Thank you Sheryl. 🙂 and yes totally agree. If they knew they would charge us huge royalties!! “Remember that premium organic salmon that comes in gold tins and a sprinkling of diamonds on the outside tin? I want that!!!!”

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