Guest Star: Midnight

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Midnight and his mother Tina!

I am Midnight a 2 year old black American Shorthair mommy adopted me from the local humane society when I was 10 weeks old.

We live in South Charleston WV, my favorite foods are Fancy Feast classic wet food, Temptations cat treats & I love chicken.


Me at 10 weeks old, very first picture mommy took of me (I think Camara scared me)

My favorite toys are Yeeoww Apple, my Shrimpie, Da Bird & toy mice. I love anything cat nip ??
I have a sister Sasha Kitty & a baby brother Sylvester The Meezer.



Some people say black cats are bad luck mommy says that’s not true in fact she says I am good luck ??.

I love to sit & look out the window & I do go through the house & sing the song of my people in fact I am very talkative


I am a very lovable kitty & get along good with other kitties mommy says I am her good boy.

We thank you for taking interest in me and hope you will visit us on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Midnight & mommy Tina

We hope you enjoyed their story and are looking forward to many more to come @Katzenworld



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23 thoughts on “Guest Star: Midnight

  1. grannyK says:

    I LOVE black cats! My mother has one and we have one that adopted us. She showed up on our porch when she was very small, but we could not get near her for almost a year. Now, she is a loving and beautiful cat!

  2. John Holton says:

    We had a cat that looked just like Midnight. He was part Siamese. Maybe Midnight is, too; the “real talkative” gives a hint…

    I love black cats and don’t understand why more people don’t. I think they’re disposed to being very friendly, kind of like how torties are kind of crazy.

  3. mvaden1948 says:

    I am also a black kitty, with just a tiny white bib. My mom Michelle knows that I am loving and a gentleman. I have been trying to adopt her for several years but finally succeeded about a month ago. I share your love of catnip and Temptations cat treats. It was so nice to read (hear….my mom read it to me) all about you.
    Diavolo (the handsome devil)
    and unless you think he is super cat….typed by Mom Michelle

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