Mews: Christmas Guide with many CAT things! *Meow*

Hi everyone,

With Christmas just on the horizon we here at Katzenworld HQ are getting super excited! I think we managed to hide all the presents for our own kitties but you never know they may have sniffed them out already. 😉

If you are looking for the perfect present and haven’t quite decided yet this post is exactly what you need. 😀 We have put together a list of purrfect present for your own cats and cat loving friends alike.

The first section will cover the gifts for humans :


This Black Cats Luxx bag is sure to bring its owner good luck! This is available for 49.99£ also from cuckooland.


A wagging tail cat clock? Hell yes! Just make sure its out of reach of your lil one or they may play with its tail. 😉 This present is also available from cuckooland for 40£.


How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you takes a funny comic style approach at interpreting our cats behaviour. Don’t take the title too serious and you have a perfect Christmas present. 😉 This is available from Prezzybox for 9.99£ by clicking here.


Adopt a big cat is not just a perfect present but it will also help The People’s Trust for Endangered Species to care for big cats world wide. This is available for 16.95£ from Prezzybox by clicking here.


This super funky and cute cat mug is available from Hunkydory Home for 10£


And you can also get these as super cute cat glasses! Same place but these are only 4£ and can be found here.


This super cute cat magnet is sure to help you tidy up your desk! Available from Thegiftoasis for 7.50£ by clicking here.

Looking more for toys and gifts for the kitties? Those are below:


How about this knitted fishy for your cat from Mungo & Maud? It’s available for 10.50£ here. They have a large selection of other knitted toys here.


This cat cave in Blue is available from cuckooland for 75£. Something tells me Oliver will want to add this to his own cChristmaswish list!


Cat Collars also available from Mungo & Maud by clicking here. The one on the photo is 17.30£ and available here.


And who wouldn’t want this cute cat bowl! Also from Mungo & Maud for 13.50£ by clicking here. They have many many more cat items and their entire cat range can be accessed here.

Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl

This Alessi Tigrito designer cat bowl is available for 47.50£ from . Available in yellow, black or blue.

simon's cat

Simon’s cat doughnut bed is available from Amazon UK (and probably worldwide!) for 19.45 by clicking here.

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas gift guide! And don’t forget to tell us which one of these was your own personal favourite item. 🙂

For more ideas it is also a good idea to browse through our Product Reviews which you can find by clicking here. These are products that we have thoroughly tested and provided you with our own photos and recommendations.




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30 thoughts on “Mews: Christmas Guide with many CAT things! *Meow*

  1. rescuekitties says:

    Those cat caves are gorgeous, but if anyone buys one, make sure they drill some air holes into the back. When they flip over, the front opening can have a very good seal and suffocate the sleeping kitty inside. Little air holes will ensure kitty is safe. 🙂

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