Worldwide Competition: Win a Murals Wallpaper of your cat

Hi everyone,

We have some super exciting news for you!

We have just teamed up with Murals Wallpapers for a super fun competition.

Murals Wallpaper feature many animal prints in their collections and the below big relative of our house cats is just one example of their amazing prints that you can find here.


So on to the competition! We are looking for you all to submit photos of your own house cats.  The winner of the best submission will receive:

  • Permanent addition of their cat photo to the Murals Wallpaper animal print collection
  • Their photo printed as Wallpaper up to a value of £250 (order value and postage combined) which will be enough for approximately 10 square meters!
  • If you are not located in the UK don’t worry! As long as your total order value (wallpaper and postage) doesn’t exceed £250 you are all covered. If you would like to pay for postage separately this is possible.

So if you want to be part of this exciting competition and your opportunity to gain worldwide fame for your cat please submit your cats photo via email to by Friday 19th December 2014.

Please note there are the following guidelines for your photo submission:

1. Images Must Be Large

In order to print large wallpaper murals, we need large hi resolution images, ideally full size at a minimum of 100dpi.

2. Images Must Be Clear

If you have a small image, you can’t simply enlarge it because this will make it go blurry, so as well as being a good size, your image must also be nice and clear to get the best quality print.

Please find below a little introduction to the competition by Murals Wallpaper’s Director Richard Wilde in terms of what they are looking for in your photo submissions!

“At Murals Wallpaper we are thrilled to be hosting this exciting competition. We know that a lot of people are incredibly passionate about their cats and we are looking forward to giving one proud owner the chance to have their cat feature in their own line of wallpaper. To stand a good chance of winning make sure your pictures are clear, artistic and not too busy; take a look at the rest of our animal range for inspiration. Good Luck!”

Good luck to everyone! We can’t wait to see all the amazing photos you all will be sending in for this! 🙂



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12 thoughts on “Worldwide Competition: Win a Murals Wallpaper of your cat

      • Timothy Price says:

        Perfect ReSize Premium 9 by itself is $80, The Perfect Photo Premium Suite 9 (all 7 tools) is $150. The Basic Perfect Photo Suite is $80. Upgrades are less. The Perfect Photo Premium Suite 9 is less than half of what I paid for the Premium Suite 5 several years ago.

          • Timothy Price says:

            Adobe prices are out there on their own. If you are doing a lot of photography, the Perfect Photo Premium Suite is really useful. I use it a lot. I get really nice effects and enhancements in a fraction of the time of doing them in Photoshop.

          • Timothy Price says:

            It doesn’t have the same initial processing capabilities as Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto, etc., especially if you are shooting in raw. It’s mainly for enhancements and effects, but you can do a lot of strait processing on jpegs, and it has plugins for Lightroom, Aperture and others.

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