uZoo: Paris Cat Cafe – Cafe Des Chats YouTube video


Hi everyone,

Let us introduce you to uZoo! We have just teamed up with them to share their fun and cute cat related videos with you all.

They post a variety of fun animal themed videos on their YouTube channel. (You can subscribe to their channel by clicking here.)

Today’s video is about the Paris Cat Cafe – Cafe Des Chats:

We hope you are looking forward to more fun videos from them! 😀

About uZoo:


For that furry little animal in all of us. We bring you entertaining stories about unique species to unusual pets, from cute and cuddly creatures to touching stories of survival, U-Zoo brings you daily video from every corner of the animal kingdom.



Photo credit: Le Cafe des Chats

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32 thoughts on “uZoo: Paris Cat Cafe – Cafe Des Chats YouTube video

  1. Timothy Price says:

    I love this idea. We didn’t happen across a cat cafe when we were in Paris last year, but we did see a couple of cats on the streets. I think cat cafe/parlors are popular in Japan, as well. When we were running around Italy, I made it a point to pet a kitty in every town we visited, which is easy in Italy. It was much more of a challenge when we lived in Spain.

  2. foguth says:

    While researching cat breads, etc. for characters in a future Sea Purrtector book, I learned about a “Cat Cafe” in Melbourne, Australia. Apparently they have shelter cats living there and allow them to interact with customers, and if a bond is made, the customer can adopt them and take them home.
    The cats at the Paris Cafe are permanent, right?

      • lawjic says:

        Marc, this is just fabulous and very entertaining to watch. All the cats look so happy, healthy and like they are having a great time! There is nothing we cat lovers (or in our cases, we are cat “worshipers”) love to see more than happy kitties with a place of their own. How I wish there were more places like Cafe des Chats and I wish we would see them EVERY WHERE!! Thank you for sharing this spectacular video. It truly warms my heart! I look forward to seeing and hearing MORE about uZoo!!! EXCELLENT POST! ~Sheryl

        PS: Ms. Cali is watching and purring too! <3

  3. Princess Chaos's Oma says:

    There is a place in State College, PA, that sort of reminds me of this. It’s called Webster’s Cafe. The one downtown, just off College Ave. is the best one. They have used books & records and other stuff, a sandwich deli, wonderful coffee drinks, rocking chairs, board games you can play, and you can bring well-behaved dogs on a leash! My son and I would spend hours there on a rainy weekend day! It was awesome!

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