Guest Star: Alex and his 18th birthday!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest star post comes from G Spencer for his cat Alex!

Please find their post below:

Alex Just celebrated his 18th Birthday on October 17th.

Alex came to live with us in 1997 when he was just a little over a year old, he was found by a family friend wandering the alleys by her downtown home, he is a friendly and loving cat from the minute he walked into our lives –  he has never changed, and he is always a good friend to his brother cats – even providing some free grooming for them now and then!!!


All of our boys are now indoor kitties but have a safe catio to enjoy the outdoors so he enjoys all the good things in life, catnip, window watching grooming and of course napping, not mention he loves watching The Big Cat Diaries on the TV every morning.


Alex just celebrated his 18th Birthday, by his own choice he mainly eats his kibble and hard treats, he does occasionally eat a few bites of human food – especially from the BBQ! It was a cold stormy day that day so we could not cook outside so we had a nice indoor cook for hi &, stoked up a nice fire too just to make it cozy.

18th bday pics (1)

He enjoyed a day of play catnip, naps and posed for a lot of pictures for us, then he enjoyed hid Birthday dinner, his usual kibble treat combo with some diced chicken breast and Tri-Tip steak on the side!

18th bday pics (5)

It was a great day we all had a lot of fun, thank you for sharing it with everyone.

Please find below the photo slide show for the birthday party:

We hope you enjoyed their post! And if you’d like to check out his owner’s Google Plus page please click here.



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37 thoughts on “Guest Star: Alex and his 18th birthday!

  1. lawjic says:

    Happy, happy 18th birthday, sweet and beautiful love! Ms. Cali is just about 6 months older than you are. She has good and bad days, but YOU look so happy. I am really glad you had a BIG PARTY, because you are awesome and deserve all the best. By the way, you look fantastic and not a day over 10 years old….remember Alex, AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER—you are only as old as you feel. Here is to your 19th Birthday and then some. We understand your age well! You can BE A KITTEN! We love you! Sheryl & Ms. Cali

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