Guest Star: Venus the amazing Chimera Cat


Meet another one of our guest stars! Her name is Venus and she has got the worlds most fascinating cat face 😀

This tortoiseshell not only has two different colored eyes but also has two very different fur colors split exactly down the middle of her face. Because of her amazing and rare appearance she has received the nickname Chimera cat.

It is at no surprise that she has amassed a large amount of followers and you can visit her on her Facebook page. This is where you can also find out more about her fellow friends that live with her. 🙂

All pictures are courtesy of their owner on their Facebook page.

Thanks for reading this story and see you soon on @KatzenworldBlog

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41 thoughts on “Guest Star: Venus the amazing Chimera Cat

  1. lawjic says:

    Wow. Venus is gorgeous and she is a calico cat! Ms. Cali also has what I call “two faces” (meaning it is split down the middle with half black and half white). But with her, it is not as marked and obvious as with Venus. Ms. Cali’s veterinarian calls her the “phantom of the opera” kitty” BECAUSE of the two faces, making look like she wears a mask. I chose Cali because of the “two faces”. I have to say, with Venus, it looks like someone took a ruler and split her face exactly in half and made it half orange and half black. She is a truly beautiful DSH calico or tortoise shell (she appears to be the latter as I don’t see much white, if any). VENUS, YOU ARE A GORGEOUS KITTY CAT. I love you!!!

    Hugs pretty (and my very favorite) kitty. Keep smiling because YOU melt hearts!!!

    Love, Sheryl & Ms. Cali

    PS: This kind of marking is actually not all that “rare”, but you may spend YEARS looking for it……its awesome for sure.

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