Mews: Do you live in a country “ruled” by Cats or Dogs ;)?


Found this interesting infographic map on THE WASHINGTON POST

So where do you live? Cat or Dog country. ;D

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60 thoughts on “Mews: Do you live in a country “ruled” by Cats or Dogs ;)?

  1. insanitybytes22 says:

    LOL, I live in cat country which is why we have to have dogs, to keep all the cats away! Somehow we also wound up with cats….and chickens, rabbits, a bird, I don’t even know anymore 🙂

  2. Tidlidim says:

    Interesting! Apparently in Italy, there used to be loads of cats. Rome was famous for its cats, or so my partner was explaining to me last week – but sadly, it’s really hard to see one nowadays. I see lots of dogs around, but I think I’ve only seen a couple of cats. And where I live, it’s definitely the barking that you hear all night, not the meowing. Maybe in other parts there will be more cats. Will keep an eye out for them on my future adventures.

  3. K. Caffee says:

    Personally, from just the little I see around here, I would say dog country. I think our 4 cat household is the exception, not the rule around here. But, with livestock on most folk’s acreages, I can see where the dogs would be a bit more visible. Wonder what the ratio of barn cats to working dogs is?

    • lawjic says:

      Wow. This is excellent information! Never in a million years would I have remotely guessed this USA is mostly cat country. ALL I EVER SEE are dogs (likely as people are smart enough to know that at least HERE in Southern California with the drought, your cat will be eaten by coyotes in an instant. But to see the entire country be cat country is shocking. Then at the Mexican border it is all dogs. Wow! Again wow. Thanks for posting this! Very interesting stuff! <3

      • K. Caffee says:

        In the country, I think dogs dominate. Precisely because of the wolf/coyote issue. But, I can see where cats would be dominant in the cities. And, you do have to admit there are more people in the cities than in the rural back-country. After all, having an animal you don’t have to take out to the limited green places would be rather appealing. Less worry about bringing home unwanted visitors (like fleas or chiggers).

        Guess, that is where the information is coming from.

  4. mvaden1948 says:

    Cat Country!!! Although I do adore all animals.
    Not surprising that Egypt is dark green as cat country. Since none of them (cats) have forgotten that they were worshiped as gods there!

  5. theowneroftheblog says:

    I live in a cat country, but when i walk the street i see lots of stray dogs… oh,wait… does the map show how many cats there are per household or by preference? because then, this phenomenon i experience would make more sense XDD

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