BOSSCAT! I know I’ve gained a bit of weight…


I know I’ve gained  a bit of weight…  But I still fit in the box!  I PROMISE!  Please!  Human!  I’ll do anything!  Dont throw away my beloved  box!

(From Human: I don’t think Snowball realises…  He gets new boxes every week….)

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22 thoughts on “BOSSCAT! I know I’ve gained a bit of weight…

  1. blueedel says:

    Why offering cat little toys… ??? As kids, they re just happy with boxes, bags !!! and really, this one really don’t thing to migrate anywhere else ! Love it !

    • Sheryl A Weinstein says:

      No worries, sweet kitties! Marc will NEVER take away your beloved boxes, caves or anything that is important to you. He loves you more than you can ever imagine! Yuki, I am sure, is taking really great care of you and you are having a blast, right? So do not worry about YOUR box. Until YOU tell Marc you are done with it, he will KEEP it for you. I am sure!!! Hugs! x o

  2. ktcatpaws says:

    He looks like he has some cat box zen going on!!

    Remember Bosscat, you must get ride of the attachment to the box.. another box will follow.

    In purrs…KT!

    • YuKi~~ says:

      The drama when they catch you… XD we have boxes all over the house for Mr Snowball already! No point in buying him a bed, he actually doesnt use them lol

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