Cat Travel: What do you get the cat that already has everything?

Hi everyone,

As you may have read before you may know that we are currently in Japan and as part of this holiday we are checking out all the cool and crazy cat stuff around. 😀

Two things that we came across sure are on the list of presents for those cats that already have everything!

Number 1:

The box!!!


Not just is it a box but it has a no dogs allowed sign on it. 😉

Number 2:

The Neko birthday cake!


A shame we can’t take one of those back on the plane so unfortunately I can’t verify if csts actually like them. But they sure look cute. 😀



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26 thoughts on “Cat Travel: What do you get the cat that already has everything?

  1. Will you get to visit Tashirojima (Cat Island) while you are in Japan? It certainly looks like my kind of place. Or one of those “cat cafes”?
    Happy travels.

      1. Well, there are also people who buy dog-chocolate for their dogs. It is not like normal chocolate, that would be poisonous, but without Theobromyn – so that dogs won’t take harm. I am sure the cake is not poisonous, too. Just WHY somebody would want to feed things to dogs or cats that are not normally part of their diet (no sugary things for dogs or cats, they eat other mammals or fish, even birds, but no sugar, cats cannot even TASTE sugar), well that is beyond me.
        Still – the Neko-cat IS generally a sign for good luck – just like the ladybird is here.

        1. Yeah. I have been to Japan 6 times now. They only started doing cat and dog ‘sweets’ last year. They don’t actually contain sugar though xD. For example the cake is made of potato 🙂

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