Mews: Storehouse the easy to use mobile story app includes unseen photos of Oliver ;)

Hi everyone,

We were super lucky and got to try out the new Storehouse app.

The app was originally released on the iPad only and has just been re-released with an iPhone version to go alongside it!

You use the app to upload images and add text and tags to create your own story and publish it directly to storehouse.

For our test we created a quick Tummy Rub Tuesday story which you can find by clicking here and a new Oliver napping story by clicking here.

When I was first asked to review the app I was thinking right… Now this won’t be easy will it? But surprisingly it was very intuitive and easy to use!

You are able to add new photo and text elements directly from within the app. We simply chose some images and it was very easy to re-size and position the images through an easy drag and drop principle. 🙂

Additionally to our own story why not check out the slightly more pro super cute cat stories from other users of the Storehouse app below. ;D

And now the best news! The app is out TODAY as a FREE download by clicking here. 😀

Please find below a quick tutorial on how to get your first story published:

Step 1: Choose your header photo! Just click on the photo and press “Import”


Step 2: Crop your image or add a header & subtitle.


Step 3: Using the buttons at the bottom add text, photos from your camera roll or take a NEW photo to use.


Step 4: Move, re-size or crop additional images. ^^


Step 5: Publish your life away! 😉 And don’t forget to add tags so people can find your posts. 🙂


So iPad or iPhone why not head over to the appstore now to create your own story and share it with us in the comments section. 🙂

Please find more details below from Storehouse app creators:


Storehouse, Winner of Apple’s 2014 Design Award, Comes to iPhone  

Tell stories about your pets, family and life with photos and videos

San Francisco, CA. September 18, 2014 – Storehouse, the app that makes it easy to tell stories using photos and videos, today launches on iPhone. Hailed by Apple as one of the best designed apps in the world, Storehouse — which was previously only available on iPad — is available from today as a free download in the App Store.

Most photo services are the digital equivalent of throwing your photos into a shoebox in the closet, forcing your photos into a mishmosh of thumbnails. Most social apps, alternately, are about sharing individual moments, one photo at a time, rather than storytelling. Storehouse enables users to combine photos, videos, and words into a fluid layout and easily craft a narrative. It’s the ideal app for all kinds of content that people want to preserve, and for stories that require more than a single photo or video. With Storehouse for iPhone, people will be able to tell their stories as they happen.

Since launching on iPad earlier this year, Storehouse’s community of creators spans over 217 countries and territories — many of whom are using the app to document memories of their pets, children, travel adventures, weddings, crafts and recipes. Similarly, professional photographers, woodworkers, chefs, cartoonists, and fashion designers are using the platform to show off their work, and brands like National Geographic and GQ Magazine (Germany) have recently joined.

“The iPhone taught the world that everybody can be a photographer,” said Mark Kawano, co-founder and CEO of Storehouse, and former Design Evangelist at Apple. “With Storehouse for iPhone, we want to show how easy it can be to tell stories with all of the photos and videos they are taking.”

Storehouse iPhone Features Include:

  • Create and Share: Photos and videos for stories can be taken directly from within in the app, or uploaded from the iPhone camera roll, Dropbox, Instagram, or Flickr. Once published, stories can be shared to the web in a layout that looks perfect across any device.

  • Explore: Within the explore tab, users can view stories by category or search and discover stories with hashtags.

  • Home: The home tab features a feed of stories from people you follow, as well as the stories they have republished. Find and follow people you know on Storehouse via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

  • Profile: The profile tab in the app shows your bio, your stories, and pieces by others that you have liked or republished. Profiles have also been added to the Storehouse website.

  • Hashtags and Notifications: Available for the first time across Storehouse apps, creators can now use hashtags to tag stories and make them discoverable on the explore tab. Additionally, the notifications tab will let users know when other people have commented on stories they have published, or if new users have followed them.

About Storehouse Media, Inc.

Storehouse, the award-winning app, let’s you share stories with your photos and videos. Winner of the 2014 Apple Design Award, Storehouse is currently available for iPad and iPhone, with plans to expand it’s creation tool to web in early 2014. With Storehouse, people can easily and elegantly combine video, photo, and text to create meaningful stories. Once published, Storehouse stories can be viewed by friends and followers or easily shared to the web in a fully responsive layout that looks perfect on any device. Based in San Francisco, Storehouse is backed by SherpaVentures, True Ventures, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel and Designer Fund. Learn more at or download the app here.

iPad Screenshot

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10 thoughts on “Mews: Storehouse the easy to use mobile story app includes unseen photos of Oliver ;)

  1. The Canadian Cats says:

    What an interesting looking app. I don’t have an IPad or Iphone but you never know what will happen in the future. Thanks for the info.

    Stop by our place/blog and pick up the award we nominated you for.


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