Mews: I knead my mummy and other poems by kittens!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a perfect Thursday!

You may have heard already but today the latest book by Francesco Marciuliano is out here in the UK!

The book in question? It is:

i knead my mommy 2

We were lucky enough to get a copy for the release date and have to say it can only be described as cute overload!

It is packed full with cute little poems that will make you smile accompanied by…  of course KITTEN pictures. 😀

The perfect book to have around when you need something to make you laugh and cheer up.

It is published by Virgin books and available in Hardback for £8.99. It can be purchased as Hardback or alternativelz as ebook directly from the publisher’s website by clicking here.

Please find below additional information by the publisher. 🙂

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any cuter …

The kittens of the world have decided to write a book. Of confessional poems, no less. From taking a bath in a bowl of milk to playing keep-away with your car keys and vanquishing the strange lumps at the end of the bed (sorry, turns out those were your toes), these kittens reveal their confused and curious little minds as they discover the world around them.

KITTENS MAY BE YOUNG (and wildly impulsive), but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to say. The little felines in this book bare all in such classics as “And Then You Said ‘No,’” “Ode to a Lizard I Didn’t Know Is Also a Pet in This House,” and “I Will Save You.” Each poem in this collection reveals the truly adorable, irresistible, and completely neurotic nature of these little fur balls with claws.

About The Author

FRANCESCO MARCIULIANO is the author of the bestselling books I Could Pee on This and I Could Chew on This. He writes the internationally syndicated comic strip Sally Forth and the web-comic Medium Large. He was head writer for the Emmy Award–winning children’s series SeeMore’s Playhouse and has written for Smosh and the Onion News Network. He is on Twitter at @fmarciuliano.



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36 thoughts on “Mews: I knead my mummy and other poems by kittens!

  1. Pawcific Purrsea says:

    I think a human give my mom the Peed On book last month…now I will have to go back to the boat (any excuse to go back to the boat) to look at it again to make sure. Thanks for the review.

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