Guest Star: Miss Dixie – Calico Power!

Hello Katzenworld,


I’m Miss Dixie from Alabama. I lived in a grocery store parking lot for the first 8 months of my life – dodging cars and eating out of dumpsters. I lived a lonely life – sleeping during the day behind the coke machines and only coming out at night for food. Fast Forward today –  I am now a Princess, living in a wonderful home with 7 other cats and a wonderful Mommy and Daddy.


I am treated like royalty !  I have 4 FB pages and over 11,000 friends – not too bad for a little former feral calico!

Miss Dixie 001

My original FB page is an awareness page for feral and stray cats. I have Miss Dixie’s Help for Others that runs auctions and raffles to help rescues and cats that need financial help. My third and fourth pages are for FUN! I host parties for cat birthdays, weddings, even kitty Christenings! These pages are a stress reliever for cat caregivers and time to play make-believe – Of course, what the humans don’t know is this is what we really do when they are not around – Hee- Hee! I have a hunky boyfriend named Frankie the 30 lb cat – he was saved by the same rescue I was .

frankie and dixie

We have a wonderful internet romance – MOL. That about sums up my life ! Love and Calico Kisses – Miss Dixie


Please visit Miss Dixie on her Facebook page by clicking here.

And we hope you all are looking forward to more lovely photos and posts <3  @KatzenworldBlog


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33 thoughts on “Guest Star: Miss Dixie – Calico Power!

  1. Cody-Cat Chat (@CatChatCaren) says:

    So nice to meet Miss Dixie! My Mom and I just went and liked their Facebook page. Also, wanted you to know that when you see a Shetland Sheepdog named Dakota on your “like” on your blog post…that’s US!!! lol!!!! It won’t show my kitty avatar when I click “like” on your post, just my woofie! Love, Cody

  2. Kitty Cat Chronicles says:

    What a beautiful kitty! So glad she was rescued and now has a wonderful home. Thanks for visiting our blog! It’s so nice to meet new furiends!

    • Marc-André says:

      You are welcome :). And thanks for coming over and reading our guest cat stories. If you fancy having yours appear and link back to our blog feel free to send us a photo story ^^

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