Charity Appeal: Trooper the Handicapped Kitten & Bandit

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is for two of our very special feline friends Trooper the Handicapped Kitten & Bandit. We read about them a few days ago and their story sure touched our hearts. We lso believe it is very important to help out cats in need and therefore decided to put up this post for them!

Trooper was born without hips and fused elbows which prevent him from mobilizing normally.  He requires regular care and treatment.  Trooper’s twin sister Bandit is gravely ill with previously undiagnosed Feline Severe Stomatitis brought on by Feline Calicivirus.  Bandit’s mouth is severely ulcerated, inflammed & bleeding with uncontrolled mucus discharge.  She cries when trying to eat due to the intense pain in her mouth and throat.

They have finally found a wonderful, caring vet near them to help Bandit using traditional medicine as well as homeopathic care for her debilitating disease. Bandit will require continual long-term care as this disease is extremely difficut & lengthy to cure.  She deserves to enjoy the life of a 2 yr old kitten without fear or pain.

They are asking for everyones help as they can’t do this on their own due to the large medical costs :(. To donate and read more about their story please click here.

Here is a picture of cute little Trooper:


And this is Bandit:


Please share this with your friends and get the word out about them and help their owners to provide them with the medical care they need <3.

You can find more info on their own facebook page and also ask them for more details before making up your mind.

Thanks for reading from the team @Katzenworld Blog

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