Oliver: The many cats of Barnstaple House part 3

So another warm weekend and another day at the window – this time with my lil sister Nubia. We spent all day so far at the window thinking my Kingdom was all safe and we could relax.

But wait what is that in the distance… On the right hand side of the tree… it’s black and white… it moves suspiciously OMG Another cat invading my kingdom!


What does he think he is doing in my garden without permission of myself or Nubes! ;(

And now he is even climbing up my tree! How dare him!



Does he not know that all the birds and furry nut eating thingies are the property of this royal feline family.

So what exactly are my mouse knights doing to defend my kingdom!!!!!


The army sure has been useless so far today! Well they will still serve as a deserved snack later.

Time to send my sister after him instead with her mighty ROAR 😉


Nubes! You are meant to be threatening! Not fall asleep 🙁

Oh well I guess a few missing birds and furry thingies won’t hurt us. Time to take a nap too and defend the kingdom another day!

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Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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