Oliver: The many cats of Barnstaple House!

So the other day it was such a nice warm day. I spent almost the whole day at my favourite spot for sunny moments – the window!

Much too my surprise I realised that my sister and me have far more feline neighbours when we thought!


And these were just the ones closest to MY kingdom! My cat camera was a tiny bit too small to capture the whole garden or you’d be able to see even more CATS!

Let’s face it I wouldn’t mind if cousine Mao was to come over for a visit but all these cats invading my kingdom???

It’s time to increase my defences and “hire” some mice to train them as knights for my mighty army 😉


After all I can’t protect my kingdom all on my own, I’m far too busy doing my regular naps ^_^”


Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Royal Feline

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