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RSPCA Appeals for Help for Abandoned Cat with Eye Injury

RSPCA appeals for help after matted cat with ruptured eye found covered in faeces in [...]


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Learn how to brush your cat's teeth for optimal oral health. Daily brushing can prevent [...]

“The Cat Show Live” Unleashes a Feline Fiesta at NEC, Birmingham – Debut Event on Sat 14th Sept 2024

“The Cat Show Live” Unleashes a Feline Fiesta at NEC, Birmingham – Debut Event on [...]


Choosing the Right Pet Sitter: Tips for Finding the Best Care

As the Easter break approaches, finding the right pet sitter is crucial for many pet [...]


Purrfect Paradise: Design Tips for a Stylish & Secure Cat Garden

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2024 Editorial Call for Cat-Related Stories – Share Your Feline Friend’s Tale!

Do you want to see yourself or your cat in the news? We're looking for [...]


Born Free Research Reveals Alarming Extent of Dangerous Wild Animal Ownership in UK

Born Free exposes the shocking reality of wild animal ownership in Britain, with over 2,700 [...]

Enter Your Cat into the National Cat Awards 2024: Time is Running Out!

Enter your extraordinary cat into the National Cat Awards by Cats Protection before March 26. [...]

Understanding Dental Disease in Cats: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Learn more about dental disease in cats, including causes and prevention methods. Discover how plaque [...]

RSPCA Appeals for Witnesses After Cat Abandoned in Essex Garden

RSPCA seeks witnesses after ginger cat found abandoned in Essex garden. Appeal for information including [...]


Understanding Common Cat Behaviors: Decoding Signals and Joint Health

Discover the hidden messages behind common cat behaviors with insights from leading experts. Learn how [...]

Meet Barney: The Incredible Rescue Cat Who Thinks He’s Human

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Magical Silvervine Cat Toys from Japan: Rennie and Freya’s Fun Adventure

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Feline and Canine Companionship: Tips for a Happy Multi-Pet Household

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Everything You Need to Know About Neutering Cats, Costs, Benefits, and Aftercare

February is 'Spay and Neutering Awareness Month', with searches for neutering peaking in January. Catrin [...]

Experience Feline Grandeur at the Felinology TICA Cat Show in Leatherhead

Experience the enchanting realm of feline grandeur at the Felinology TICA International Cat Show in [...]

Tips for Finding a Lost Cat & Helping Reunite Lost Pets

Learn what steps to take if your cat goes missing or if you find a [...]

Can Cats Taste Sweetness? Exploring Cats’ Unique Taste Receptors and Dietary Needs

Did you know that cats can taste sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami, but not sweetness? [...]


RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2024 People’s Choice Voting Open Now

Vote for your favorite animal photo in the RSPCA competition! From cute cats to dancing [...]

Heartwarming Tale of Jordan the Feral Cat: From Stray to Beloved Companion

Meet Jordan, a feral cat who became a cherished part of our family. From chasing [...]


Leading cat charity appoints new director

Cats Protection has appointed a new Advocacy and Influence Director as the charity continues to [...]

4cats Premium Cat Wrestler Toy Review by Prince Renegade the Flash

Meet Rennie, a playful cat who put the 4cats premium Cat Wrestler to the test. [...]


Abandoned Cat Family Found at Bus Stop: RSPCA Seeks Help

The family of felines were left at a bus stop inside a cat carrier A [...]

Beware of Toxic Lilies: Blue Cross Warns Cat Owners Ahead of Mothering Sunday

As Mothering Sunday approaches, Blue Cross warns cat owners against giving lilies as bouquets, following [...]

5 flowers that are toxic for cats revealed ahead of Mother’s Day

Discover which flowers to avoid gifting to cat owners this Mother’s Day to keep their [...]


Animal Charities and Welfare Groups Express Concerns for Cat Wellbeing in Hollywood Movie ‘Argylle’

Leading animal charities and welfare groups are expressing concerns over cat welfare in the upcoming [...]


Why Cats Shouldn’t Be Washed Unnecessarily: Animal Charity’s Warning and Tips

Cats Protection warns against unnecessary cat bathing, as it can strip essential oils and distress [...]

The Importance of Play for Cats: Insights from a Cat Behaviorist

Discover how understanding cat behavior led Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado to realize the importance of [...]

Mayhew Unveils Oli Juste Wing in North West London

Celebrities and animal welfare supporters gathered at Mayhew to unveil the Oli Juste Wing, made [...]

Understanding Whisker Fatigue in Cats and How to Solve It

Discover the truth about whisker fatigue in cats and how it can affect their eating [...]