Cat Travel: Neko no Jikan – Osaka, Japan

Ya-ho, Katzenworld readers!

Recently, on a trip to Osaka, I managed to sneak a visit to Japan’s first ever cat café!

Neko no Jikan was opened in 2004.

I popped into the main branch for a snack and an hour with some cute kitties. Photos below!

Can you guess who was my favourite?!

When you approach the café, along the shopping street you can hear a recorded, super cute meow, beckoning you into the store! It really lets you know exactly where you need to go. ^^

When you enter, there are 3 different sets you can purchase – 1 hour with the kitties, 1 hour + a drink and 1 hour + a drink and a sweet! I purchased the 1 hour + drink and sweet option. The bracelet you can see on my wrist is how they mark your choice! There were some cats relaxing at the cash register, too. You need to wash your hands before you head into the main kitty committee area, for hygiene purposes, and again as you exit. 🙂

There was some beautiful furniture here, too, including a real cat “tree”! The cat room is beautifully decorated with two low tables, for easy kitty access, and plenty of climbing/napping spots away from people. They even had a little escape door if the day proved too much through a sliding door.

Once your hour is up, you can head over to the café section! The menu was really cute, and had lots of yummy sounding drinks (hot and cold) and snacks. I ordered an Earl Grey tea and an Affogado for dessert. Both were delicious. <3

If you’re in Osaka, and you love cats, please visit Neko no Jikan! They currently have 2 branches – their main branch, and the Amerikamura branch. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time, taking a break from the big city bustle with these cuties.


Laura – Japan Kitty Correspondent

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