Mother Cat and Kittens – Mother’s Day Cats

A mother cat and her kittens share a very special bond. Adorable and very tiny, newborn kittens rely on their mother for warmth, food and protection. As they take their wobbly first steps and begin exploring the world the mother cat guides them along, showing them what is good to eat, how to drink water and how to hunt prey and so much more. In short she teaches her little kittens how to be cats. Many of whom go on to join new human families and hopefully find new human mums and dads to love them and take care of them!

Sunday the 26th of March is Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday here in the UK. A special day to show our appreciation and love for our mums, who we all share a very special bond with. It’s also a time to spend with our families if we can, including the feline members…

As a cat lover and artist I have designed and illustrated some new cats and kitten cards for the cat loving mums and cat mums (and dads) out there, ready to send for Mother’s Day, or other special occasions when a cute cat is the best messenger. Happy Mother’s Day folks! 🙂 Meow…

Thanks to Marc for inviting me to share my cats with you! I have a growing range of cat cards and cat prints available directly from my shop – Teeth and Claws and also via my Etsy shop too. Do take a peek…

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Cat Christmas Cards by Nicola L Robinson. Giveaway!

Meow! It’s that time of year again, the days are cold and grey, the nights are extra long but there is a festive buzz of excitement building in anticipation of Christmas 🙂 As cat lovers, it’s important to include our favourite furry friends at this special time of the year. There are lots of extra toys, treats and fun to be had as a cat, particularly in the home, be it exploring the Christmas tree, playing with the decorations, eating the turkey or just sleeping on the tinsel, the possibilities are many. (Kitties take care!)

I love Christmas too, I’m also an illustrator and I love drawing cats. I have a small but growing range of illustrated cat cards and prints all designed and illustrated by me as part of my Teeth and Claws shop. I’d like to introduce a couple of my illustrated festive kitties to you, my super fluffy white Persian kitten and cute stripy grey tabby cat:

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These little cats can’t wait for Christmas, and the chance to do their very special job of taking festive messages to and from cat lovers and cats this festive season…

My cat cards are all printed on the highest quality board and come with matching brown kraft envelopes, they are blank inside for your own message. Available individually and as a set of 6.

Available directly from me in my online shop:

Teeth and Claws – Cat Cards and Prints

(Also available from my Etsy shop too!)



I’ve sent a few of my festive kitties to Marc here at Katzenworld, who has been kind enough to do a festive giveaway with me, so to be in with a chance to win one of my Cat Christmas cards or even a set of six festive kitties simply do one or more of the following through the giveaway tool located here:

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Entries will be accepted until the end of Saturday 17th of December 2016!

Meow! and a very happy Christmas to all 🙂

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