Katzenworld Clowder Cat Cards by Nicola from Teeth and Claws

Hello again! Nicola from Teeth and Claws here. I have previously shared some of my illustrated cats here on the Katzenworld blog and am pleased to be able to share some of my newest cat creations. I recently teamed up with Katzenworld and have designed and made a small range of cat greeting cards featuring my illustrations of Oliver, Nubia, Renegade and of course the beautiful Freya.

This project was fun and involved lots of time looking at photos of all four cats to try and get a reasonably accurate view of them from all angles. I draw in pen and ink and to get a reasonable likeness is it important to take note of the little details like coat markings and eye shapes as well as very important elements like the correct paws for Nubia! who I’ve drawn at play with a feathery cat toy.

I’ve been reliably informed that Renegade is a very speedy cat. He certainly looks designed for running with his long lean legs, although I note he is also somewhat greedy as far as food items are concerned! so he is in mid sprint, possibly on his way to some tasty cat treats.

Black and white cat Oliver is the sneaky one (there is always one) I’m told he is always plotting some misadventure or other. He has a particularly cheeky expression, so I’ve drawn him mid sneak, off to cause mischief…

Finally Freya, it’s hard to get past her beautiful blue eyes, but her gorgeous coat is just as striking. I can see how well she fits her nickname Queen Snow Leopard! I’ve drawn her sitting, watching us.

All cards are blank inside, for all cat appropriate occasions! Meow 🙂 They come with matching cream envelopes. Available directly from my Teeth and Claws shop here – Cat Greeting Cards https://www.teethandclaws.co.uk/collections/catcards 

I also have other cat cards and prints and coasters, featuring more of my cat art in my Teeth and claws shop.


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15 thoughts on “Katzenworld Clowder Cat Cards by Nicola from Teeth and Claws

  1. Crystal says:

    These cards look fantastic and they are very cute. I like them all but the Tuxedo cats remind me of Daisy Mae. She looks very similar to these.

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