Choosing the Right Pet Sitter: Tips for Finding the Best Care

With the Easter break just around the corner and the first spring sun shining bright, some people are considering a holiday, whether it is within the UK or abroad. However, many pet owners are faced with a challenge of finding the right pet sitter for their pet companions. In a world where pets are cherished members of the family, finding the perfect pet sitter is a crucial decision for many pet owners.

“With the rise of pet sitting services, it can be overwhelming to choose the right person to look after your beloved furry friends” says James Whitten, Marketing Manager at petGuard.

Leading pet insurer petGuard shares the most 3 common pet sitting options, along with some tips on how to choose the right pet sitter:


Most animals hate going to kennels. It’s not surprising given how important their home comforts are. Animals have a strong sense of territory, which is mostly smell based, and the new surroundings, sounds and smells of a kennel can frighten them. However, if the pet is sociable and likes other cats and dogs in which case a kennel might be the right choice.

It is crucial to do the research and inspect the kennels before choosing them. A cleanly maintained and well-ventilated premises indicates the owners are thoughtful and will take better care of the animal. There should be either indoor or outdoor runs so that the pet can get some exercise.

Pet sitters

Pet sitters are a really good way to allow a pet to remain in its own familiar surroundings. A pet may feel worried about an unknown person coming into their house so it’s essential that the owner and the pet get to know the sitter beforehand.

It is vital for the family to be able to trust their pet sitter, therefore, it is good to select one from a well recommended source and to read their reviews. A pet sitter should have a CRB check, insurance and allow the owner to take photocopies of their identification documents. Another nice touch is if the sitter sends photos of the pets to the owner while they are away, so they can enjoy their holiday without concerns.

Family and friends

This is obviously the safest option for leaving your house in good hands, as well as being the cheapest. However not everyone has family or friends who live close enough that they can pop in daily.

Choosing a good pet sitter

A pet sitter should come across as a professional who cares about their job. Local neighbourhood forums are a good place to find recommendations, as is Gumtree. If a pet sitter has spent a bit of money on a decent website, it is a sign that they take it seriously.

Cost-wise, a good pet sitter can be affordable, with rates starting as low as £6 per day, depending on the number of pets and their needs.

“A well-prepared pet sitter will get you to fill out a form which details your pets’ needs, dietary requirements, medical history, favourite toys etc” warns Whitten.

Read more tips on how to choose the right pet sitter:

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