How to Keep Your Pets Happy and Safe During New Year Celebrations – Tips from Battersea Animal Welfare Charity

30 December 2023

Whether you’re hosting a party, or planning a night out on the town, many of us will be making exciting plans to wave goodbye to 2023 and welcome in the New Year. With this in mind, leading animal welfare charity, Battersea, has issued advice to pet owners to ensure that our pets have a happy New Year, too.

Janine Pemberthy, Canine Behaviour and Training Manager at Battersea said: “New Year is such an exciting time, but it’s important to ensure that all of the family is having fun at this special time, which includes our pets! While people may enjoy traditional celebrations, such as hosting parties or setting off fireworks, our pets may find these things worrying.

“Thankfully, there are lots of helpful tips that you can use to keep your pets calm and happy this New Year, such as creating a quiet, safe space for your dog or cat and keeping them comfortable and distracted around the noise of parties or fireworks. If you’re heading out for a long time, it may be a good idea to have someone look after your pet for you whilst you are away.”

Make sure your pet is microchipped and details up to date

If you’re opening and closing your door to party goers, your dog or cat could easily escape. Make sure that your pet is microchipped and their details are up to date, as this will be the best and quickest way of reuniting them with you should they go missing.

It is also a legal requirement for dogs to wear a collar and tag, so it’s important to ensure that these requirements are met.

Pet-friendly treats 

New Year is a great excuse for humans to eat plenty of tasty foods and enjoy a drink or two. But make sure to keep your pet away from any human treats, as many of them are poisonous to dogs and cats.

Chocolate, artificial sweetener (xylitol) and alcohol could all be fatal if your pet consumes them. Even if your pet gets hold of a non-toxic sweet, its wrapping could be a choking hazard or cause a blockage in their intestines. If your pet has eaten anything that they shouldn’t have done always act immediately and take your dog to the vets.

Avoid letting your pet outdoors when fireworks are likely to go off

By keeping your dog indoors when fireworks are going off, it prevents them being caught out and from getting scared if they’re outside. Make sure you take your dog for a nice long walk before dark.

Keeping your cat indoors will avoid them being caught out and spooked when fireworks start in your local area. Make sure they have a litter tray available that they are comfortable using.

Create a ‘safe space’ inside your home 

If your pet is scared of fireworks, or worried of busy environments, they may take comfort in hiding away. If your dog is used to being in a crate, cover it and leave it open with blankets inside, or alternatively a table draped with a blanket can make a great retreat.

Keep your pet distracted with a treat 

A new toy or treat can be a great way to distract your dog or cat from the noise of fireworks, busy parties, or you being away for an hour or two. For dogs, try a long-lasting chew toy or a Kong packed with tasty treats.

For more dog and cat advice, or to find out how you can support rescue animals, please visit

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