One-quarter of pet owners spend £140 a week on Christmas holiday care

  • Pet owners are spending between £10 and £30 per day on pet care costs

  • No ruff prices: Pet-friendly accommodation costs LESS on average

  • Close to a third (30%) of pet owners take animals on staycations with them

One-quarter of pet owners spend an average of £140 per week on care for their animal companions when they go on holiday, according to recent research.[1]

Animal lovers across the UK are adding hundreds per week onto their Christmas holiday costs to ensure their pets are looked after while they’re away. Although almost half (47%) of pet owners spend nothing by relying on family and friends to care for their pets, many are forking out to cover the costs of professional services.

A new survey by Go.Compare Pet Insurance found that when going on a staycation, a quarter (26%) of pet owners spend between £10 and £30 per day on care. One in five pet owners spends less than £10 a day, but for 8% of owners, daily pet care costs can climb from between £31 and £50 to more than £71.

These prices affect the majority of animal-loving Brits, as more than two-thirds (70%) of pet owners must organise care for their animals when they’re on holiday. Luckily, 69% of these pet owners can leave their animals with family or friends, saving money on professional care costs.

However, close to a third (30%) of owners choose to take their pets with them. As well as saving money on professional care, Go.Compare’s research reveals that pet-friendly accommodation is cheaper on average than non-pet-friendly options, meaning owners could save more all-round.

According to data gathered by the insurance comparison site, accommodation for one week for two adults costs an average of £920.[2] Yet, adding one pet to the stay reduces the cost by £80 to just £840 on average. The price for two adults and two pets is still lower on average, by around £7.40 per night.

Ceri McMillan, pet insurance expert at Go.Compare, said: “As much as we love our pets, it’s not always possible to bring them away with us, which means that arranging care for our animals is a necessity for most owners. For some, this can equate to hundreds in added Christmas holiday costs or reaching out to friends or relatives for help.

“Dog owners are lucky to have a little more flexibility, as Britain becomes increasingly more pet-friendly. If you’re able to, it’s worth considering the cost of taking your dog with you – something that only just over half of dog owners currently choose to do. Our research shows you’ll not only save on care costs, but accommodation might be cheaper, too!”

More information about our pet care cost comparison, including the cost of different types of professional pet care can be found on Go.Compare’s website.

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