The Impact of Childhood Pets on Career Success in the UK: Survey Reveals Insights

A new survey by the pet people at Jollyes reveals that having a childhood pet is responsible for career success as an adult.

This new study reveals nearly 80% of the top earners in the UK credit their childhood pet for their professional achievements.

Here’s what Jollyes found:
  • A striking 86% of top earners in the UK confirmed that their childhood pet is responsible for them having more of an appreciation for life
  • 78% of the UK’s highest earners agreed that their childhood pet helped them develop traits (like adaptability) that assisted in their careers
  • More than 75% of Senior Managers and 70% of Directors in the UK attributed their conversational power to having a pet in childhood
  • 73% of top earners in the UK agreed that having a pet in childhood helped strengthen their connection to their parents
  • 84% of senior professionals and 75% of Directors confirmed that dealing with loss and difficulty regarding their childhood pets contributed to their resilience in being able to overcome setbacks and challenges in their career
  • 68% of top earners in the UK agree that having a pet as a child directly influenced their attitude toward work
Understanding that having a pet as a child contributes to success in the future gives a whole new meaning to ‘Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas.’
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