The Two Crazy Cat Ladies: Revolutionizing Feline Healthcare with a Free Cat Symptom Checker

People don’t take their cats to the vets and The Two Crazy Cat Ladies are on a mission to change that!

When it comes to feline healthcare, the statistics are concerning: over half of all cats in the US never receive annual veterinary checkups, according to the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). But there’s a dynamic duo on a mission to change that. Meet Jae Kennedy and Adrienne Lefebvre, popularly known as The Two Crazy Cat Ladies, who are revolutionizing the way cat owners care for their furry companions with the launch of their groundbreaking Cat Symptom Checker. It’s a free resource where cat owners can check out their furry friend’s symptoms from the comfort of their own home. The new website features natural remedies for just about every ailment that afflicts felines.

In a world where cats are notorious for masking their symptoms, Kennedy and Lefebvre have embarked on a mission to empower cat owners with a powerful tool that can help identify potential health issues from the comfort of their own homes. But why are so many cat owners reluctant to take their pets to the vet? The AAFP Study sheds light on this issue:

  • 81 percent of pet owners see cats as independent, so they don’t need attention.
  • 81 percent thought their cat was in excellent health, even though cats often hide their symptoms.
  • 53 percent said their cat had never been sick or injured.
  • 63 percent of cats are inside only, so their owners assume that felines are not susceptible to disease, even though indoor cats still suffer from ailments like diabetes, heart conditions, and thyroid problems.

The Two Crazy Cat Ladies are not just holistic health enthusiasts; they also boast a massive social media following, with nearly 1.5 million cat owners turning to them for advice on natural remedies for cats. Their new Cat Symptom Checker covers a wide spectrum of topics, including digestive health, skin and coat concerns, behavioral issues, and much more.

The ladies want to make sure more cats get the healthcare they deserve. The checker actually came about at the request of cat owners from third world countries who lack access to standard veterinary care. The new resource is not designed to replace veterinary care but created in consultation and partnership with veterinarians. It’s simply a tool to empower cat owners to take control of their feline’s healthcare needs.

Both Kennedy and Lefebvre would love to spread the word about their new resource and the importance of getting cats the care they need. They are available for interviews.

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The Two Crazy Cat Ladies™ is a brand created to bring cat parents together and raise awareness about the health and wellbeing of all kitties. Motivated by the lack of available resources for natural feline health, they’ve dedicated their lives to learning and sharing all they can to help cats live the longest, healthiest and happiest lives possible. They host regular live shows on social media to connect with cat parents and answer questions they have about their kitties as well as sharing tips about cat health and happiness via blogs and videos.

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