8 Ways to Protect Your cat This Bonfire Night

1. Keep your cat indoors after sunset

As soon as the sun sets, make sure to get your cats indoors and draw all the curtains. Remember to keep all windows shut and the cat flap locked. Creating a safe hiding place can also help – a box lined with blankets will do. Remember to keep a litter tray nearby too.

2. Stay calm and behave normally

Don’t be surprised if your cat hides away in a dark hole where they feel safe. Don’t be tempted to grab them out of their sanctuary as it will just stress them more. Don’t overreact if your pet shows any fear, just stay calm and behave normally.

3. Turn on the radio or TV

The sudden sound of fireworks can be the scariest thing for cats. The sound of the radio or TV can reduce the impact for cats.

4. Keep your shed door open

If you are concerned about protecting any other cats out and about or your cat is an avid adventurer, be sure to leave your shed door open overnight so they have somewhere to take shelter. Proving a safe space is essential.

5. A new treat!

A new treat or toy can be a great distraction from the noise. There are also some great products on the market which can help cats cope with stress.

6. Don’t confine them to one area

Of course, you want your cat to be safe, but whatever you do, don’t confine them to one room or area. Make sure they can roam yet be safe. Cats can injure themselves trying to escape if they are scared.

7. Check for firework debris the day after

Fireworks can stay hot for some time and can burn a cat’s mouth. A lot of the materials and metals used in fireworks can also be toxic to cats. Be sure to clean up any debris you spot.

8. Make sure they’re microchipped

Cats often flee when scared, and animal sanctuaries report a large number of cats handed in at this time of year.  Make sure your cat is identifiable and their microchip details are up to date. An engraved collar or tag helps too.

Doron Wolffberg, Founder of All About Cats has commented:

“We all know that cats have super speedy reflexes and a sudden noise or flash can make any cat scared and bolt for safety. The panic fireworks cause them can not only cause major stress to a cat but it can mean they get disorientated. Their panic can also mean they will jump for safety in any direction, which unfortunately can mean car injuries and other accidents.

Many animal sanctuaries report high numbers of strays handed in around this time of year, mostly as a result of scared pets running away. As a cat parent, you have a responsibility to make sure your cat is safe, and you take the precautions to decrease stress as much as possible for them.

The most important precaution you can take is to ensure your cat is microchipped so you have a better chance of being reunited. Of course, there are some cats who aren’t phased and actually enjoy sitting by a window watching fireworks – in this case, have a great time together!”

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