The Benefits of SOULMATE N°1 Herbal Essence for Calming Pets and Strengthening the Bond

With many of us having changed our daily routine as part of the current Pandemic we thought it would be worth highlighting how the change in daily routine can cause stress for some of our animal companions.

While it sounds great for us to be spending more time at home with our pets this can also lead to messing up their routine in a way… think of all the mischief your little feline gets up to during the day while you are normally at work. 😉

One of the products we’d recommend to help calm your pet is called SOULMATE N°1 by Swiss company PerAnimal which uses Herbal essences from hops, lemon balm and alpine roses for its unique blend.

The specific combination of these ingredients has been found to help with:

  • Overcoming fear and anxiety, supporting restful sleep
  • Keeping calm
  • Assisting the body’s ability to handle stress
  • Restoring normal moods
  • Intensifying the bond between pet and pet parent
  • Restoring a pets’ sense of wellbeing
  • Strengthening energy flow and regeneration

So how did we fair with the new product?

We started with Nubia who was very keen to investigate the bottle of SOULMATE, the reason most likely being that it smells very pleasant to us and animals alike. Alongside the interest in the combination of herbs in the bottle. Iain had just sprayed a bit on his hands before her catvestigation!

SOULMATE’s preferred method of application is quite different from those of many other herbal remedies out there. Instead of just spraying it on the blanket or a toy of your cat. First rub your hands together to warm them up before you spray three bursts of it on your hands. With the hands warmed up and SOULMATE applied enjoy time together with your pet and gently rub the essence into your companion’s fur by which means you are transferring the SOULMATE onto them. In today’s busy environment a lot of us sadly don’t spend the time with our companion animals that we should so by taking a moment out of our busy lives and spending quality time with our pets we further improve our bond with them, add to that the calming and restoring effects of SOULMATE and you are amplifying the effects of these moments together.

So instead of just being stuck at home and annoying your companion you now get to spend some quality time with them to strengthen the bond with them. 😉

Nubia was so happy about her cuddle time with the extra impact SOULMATE provided that she decided to thoroughly nuzzle her head into Iain’s face and give him what is lovingly called a cat kiss! 🙂

So what about Mr Rennie? The cat that will never sit still… Well… at first he was nicely digging his claws into Iain’s legs as if to say “what… you expect me to sit down calmly with you here human?!?” Before he moved on to his usual wiggling and moving about… However slowly but surely…

… even Mr Rennie started to feel the calming effect of SOULMATE and decided to relax on Iain. 😀

For a naughty oriental that hardly ever likes to sit still, this is certainly a huge improvement after only a short moment of being exposed to the calming herbal essence!

We were very impressed with the latest product from PerAnimal and thus have decided to stock it in our Blog Shop, those in Switzerland are also able to order it directly on the PerAnimal website.

This remedy will suit those with pets (not just cats) that suffer from conditions such as anxiety, fear, and stress brought on by abnormal situations (think fireworks!). For most house cats this most likely just means the occasional festival or trip to the vet but for shelter cats, it can be a blessing to get them over a possible trauma from emotional or physical injury before they were rescued by a shelter.

What are the signs pet guardians and shelters should look out for?

  • Behaviour change
  • Spraying/soiling
  • Over-grooming
  • Lack of interaction
  • Loss of appetite
  • Scratching
  • Aggression

Whenever you notice a change in your pet’s behaviour it’s a good idea to find the underlying issue and remedy this, however using a calming product such as this one will help get your pet back into the right state of mind.

We really like the fact that PerAnimal has found a herbal essence mix that is safe for humans and pets while providing necessary calming and destressing effects that many of us need for our companions. Plus the way they are encouraging us pet guardians to spend more time with our companions is a great way to break free from the shackles of modern life and take a few minutes to relax with our pets.

Lastly, PerAnimal only uses royal blue glass in medical grade quality to utilise the positive impact of the colour in protecting the essence. This also ensures the essence does not get contaminated by chemicals. Additionally, Glass is much better for the environment than plastic as it’s a more natural substance and thus requires less energy to be produced plus we are not wasting our already scarce oil on producing more plastic that may or may not end up being recycled by our countries due to the ever-increasing costs of recycling plastic! And most importantly the royal blue protects the essence from being. Furthermore PerAnimal’s outer box for the bottles uses a special colour to prevent UV radiation from reaching the bottle and deteriorating the essence.



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