Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Understanding the Benefits and Costs

Many pet owners have pondered whether pet insurance is a good option, especially after walking out of a

veterinarian clinic with an eye-popping bill in their hand. Pet lovers shouldn’t miss out on owning animals due to

health expenses they can’t pay for, or even worse, be put in a position where they’re unable to afford life-saving

treatments for their four-legged family members. Is pet insurance the answer? Do the benefits of pet insurance

outweigh the cost? It turns out this question is more complex than pet owners might imagine.

Chyrle Bonk, a member of the veterinarian team on, explains that pet insurance pricing is

incredibly individual. “Whether or not pet insurance is worth it is going to depend on where you live and the kind

of pet you have.” Those residing in larger cities will accrue more costs at vet clinics than in rural areas, which

leads to higher pet insurance prices. Age, breed, health issues, additional pets, and level of coverage are also

important factors that go into calculating the monthly pet insurance costs.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that living in an expensive city with a rare breed automatically makes pet

insurance the right choice. “Pet insurance is mainly meant for emergency or sick veterinary care. Most will

reimburse for things like injuries, illnesses, non-elective surgeries, and medications needed for an illness or

injury,” says Bonk. Some pet insurance companies offer the option to cover preventive care, including things like

vaccines, parasite treatments, and blood work—but this will increase your monthly costs significantly. Most pet

insurance companies will require you to pay the bill up front before receiving a partial reimbursement of up to

80% later.

How much can pet owners expect to pay for pet insurance? Bonk estimates roughly $12-$20 a month per pet. As

a vet herself, the ExcitedCats expert recommends talking it over with your veterinarian who can help you find a

suitable provider. “Not every veterinary clinic is going to work with every pet insurance company, so see which

ones your vet accepts first.”

As pet owners are painfully aware, hospitalization or an emergency visit can cost thousands of dollars. If your

annual vet visits rest between $150-$300, you likely won’t get a lot of utility out of added pet insurance. But if you

have an accident-prone pet, an aging animal, or you just want peace of mind that you can cover hospitalization

charges if the need arises, pet insurance is likely a worthy investment.

The main aim of ExcitedCats is to help readers understand their cats better and offer them the best life possible,

which may mean enrolling them in pet insurance. The veterinarian team at ExcitedCats knows that being a great

cat parent requires having access to all the best veterinarian-approved information. Whether you want to learn

about food, toys, breeding, or health care, ExcitedCats covers it all and more. For more information on pet

insurance for cats and every topic feline-related, check out their site!

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