The Dangers Of Leaving Your Pets In The Car With Infographic

Cars essentially become mobile ovens in warm weather. While humans have sweat glands throughout their bodies that help keep them cool, felines and canines rely on panting and can sweat only on areas not covered by fur, such as their paw pads and nose, to regulate temperature. According to PETA, if a dog gets excessively hot, it can suffer brain damage or perish from heatstroke in as little as 15 minutes.

Certain pets are more at risk for developing heatstroke than others. For example, short-snouted canines such as bulldogs, boxers and pugs can have difficulty breathing in the heat. Pets with cardiac or respiratory conditions or other health problems may struggle with regulating their body temperatures in high heat. Cats & Dogs that are overweight or have dense coats also are more sensitive to higher temperatures.

Educate yourself on local and US state laws concerning pets left inside hot cars and, if none exist, contact your local representatives or attend a town hall meeting to lobby for one. Spread the word to help inform pet owners and the public about the dangers of heatstroke. Keep your pet safe during the summer heat by leaving him or her at home — the dangers of heatstroke far outweigh the pleasure of taking your furry friend along for a ride or to run errands.

Bringing The Heat created by Figo Pet Insurance.

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